A new hat started and why it isn’t finished.

This week I decided to try a new style of hat. As it’s the first one and I don’t know if it will work I am making it fairly plain.

To save time I started with a template I already had.  I traced around it so I would have the nice round part in the right size all ready to add the new part.



This is the final shape.


Next, I added some silk from silk hankies. The hankies are gray and pink.  I stretched the hankies out long so I could wrap them around. They are hard to see, you can see them sticking out the sides.


After I wrapped the first side around, I added another hanky going the other way as well.


Here is how it looks with the first side of wool wrapped around.


And lastly where I had to stop. On the outside of the hat, I added more of the gray and pink hankies. They are very hard to see, on the wet felt they pretty much disappear. I am hoping the pink and gray on the light gray wool will make it shine nicely. It is a very conservative hat but this is a government town so that would work ok.

And here are some of the reasons I haven’t got back to it yet.

The red light is a heat lamp. It has moved to another pen now. They just needed it the first night as it was very cold. These 2 moms and babies are not much trouble but these three below take a lot more work. It is not a great picture but to get a picture of them not moving, standing in front of one another or showing the camera their tails is quite difficult.








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14 Responses to A new hat started and why it isn’t finished.

  1. Judith Boag says:

    This is a beautiful reason why the hat is not finished, I will look forward to the next step.

  2. annielynrosie says:

    It’s a wonder you even had time to start your hat! Lovely photos of the lambs.

  3. Leonor says:

    Love the reason you didn’t finish your hat! They are adorable.

  4. Kathryn says:

    Beautiful babies! Do you intend to have a wide brim that folds upwards for the hat?

  5. Good reason not to finish, but like Lyn, it’s amazing you had time to start. They are darling. My sister sends me pics whenever she has new lambs.

  6. ruthlane says:

    Looks like a good start on the hat. I hope the wool doesn’t completely cover the silk hankies. I look forward to seeing it finished. So now you have three house lambs? Wow, that would be hard to keep up with. But they are darling.

    • Thanks Ruth, I often have to shave a hat to get the sill to show up again but I think it will be nice. The grand kids love the lambs and to help and I have some grown up helpers too.

  7. zedster66 says:

    Aaw, if there has to be a reason you can’t finish what you started, it should be a cute one!

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