Different Fibre

Different Fibre

I did another little fibre experiment a couple of weeks ago. I hoped to have more photos, but the light hasn’t been great again this week. Anyway, this is what I tried out:

And this is one of the locks:

I used 23mic natural white Merino, and this is the finished sample:

This is a close up of the top left where I fluffed up the fibres:

And this is how the migration looked on the back:

This is one of the felted locks:

Sorry there aren’t more/better photos, but did you guess what the fibre is? It’s my friend’s hair who gave me the extensions! I clippered it for her a couple of weeks ago and decided to see how it felted 🙂

14 thoughts on “Different Fibre

  1. I am a 5 year survivor of breast cancer and a fibre artist. I saved my hair as it fell out as a result of chemotherapy. I knew that some day, I would felt a healing project using my own hair. Your project has given me great information with which to proceed. Felting is therapeutic in so many ways…thank you…

    1. Hi Karen 🙂
      Thanks a lot for your comment, I would love to see your project when you finish it. It definitely is therapeutic, yeah, I do it at a well being centre and it gives a lot of people a great sense of accomplishment, often when they’re not feeling very good about themselves or life in general.

    2. That is just great….so many good things come out of sharing the art of felting…

  2. Hi Zed….did I miss something? Was this real hair or synthetic? Either way an interesting result.
    Your last photo – is it felted only at the base or along the length of the lock?

    1. Hi Antje, yep, this is real hair! The lock is felted just at the base in the last photo and thr lock/ringlet is loose.

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