More Hair Extensions

More Hair Extensions

I mentioned in my last post that I’d played around with the hair extension fibre a bit more. This is the finished piece:

I twisted some of it around some wool twists I’d previously made, spun some with some white pencil roving, fluffed some up and made a kind of ‘ball’ out of it, blended some with Merino, and used a couple of pieces which were still partly plaited/braided. The two biggest patches on the bottom of this angled photo are, on the left, the loose ball, and in the centre, the blend with wool:

This is a closer angled pic:

This is one of the partly plaited pieces:

I undid the ends of this one, sorry, not the best photo:

This last pic is a small amount spun with pencil roving on a drop spindle. I just twisted it, then used it so it’s loose:

I’ve been trying out more unusual embellishments, so I’ll show that next time!

11 thoughts on “More Hair Extensions

    1. Thanks, Ruth 🙂
      Yeah, me too, I think I’ll be trying that again, in longer lengths.

  1. I really like the plaited one too! The roving spun with a piece of extension looks as if it’s couched into place doesn’t it?

    1. Thanks, Marilyn 🙂
      It did feel like that the first time, when I used lots, but it was much less like that this time.

  2. Very cool stuff. I like how the wrapped merino turned out. It blended well with the merino in the middle bottom too. It helps that I really like the colours too.

    1. Thanks Ann 🙂
      Yeah, I think the colours being so nice really does help.

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