Landscape in Progress (1st quarter Challenge)

Landscape in Progress (1st quarter Challenge)

I have been slowly working on the 1st quarter challenge.

I started with a piece of white prefelt to work on. Starting at the back I adding the sky and the mountains. The mountains are prefelt as well.

Next I added the grass, clouds and water. This is where the water isn’t blue comment comes form, on one of my other posts. Mostly at this point everything is just a place marker to be added to after wet felting.

So the first thing to do after wet felting it was to rip the water off. It looks better white than it did blue.

I set about fixing the water using some brown, grey,  neppy  Romney wool I had. I also added some silk noil to give it more shine and rocks.

I used the same Romney for the Mountains too.

After fiddling with the mountains  it was time to add the fence. To get the placement right I used a piece of yarn to mark the path.

And here we are at the present. I added the posts. I need to spin some quit dark grey yarn very thin or possibly I will use some sewing thread. I have not decided yet.

Are you working on a piece for the first quarter challenge?




12 thoughts on “Landscape in Progress (1st quarter Challenge)

  1. The water is a great colour, love the silk in it, and it sits naturally in the green that undulates wonderfully. The fence posts really give an illusion of distance.
    Looking forward to seeing it complete!

  2. The landscape is coming along nicely. The fence posts really give it a sense of depth. I look forward to seeing it finished.

  3. You make it look easy, Ann, but I know it isn’t and probably took far longer than anyone would think 🙂

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