1st Quarter Challenge – Nuno Felted and Machine Stitched Landscape

1st Quarter Challenge – Nuno Felted and Machine Stitched Landscape

I decided for the 1st Quarter Challenge that I wanted to do another nuno felted landscape. I still have a bunch of hand dyed silk that works great for these. In the spirit of using stuff up, I used a couple of silk pieces over white pre felt to create the backgrounds. I have only finished one of the landscapes but you will see both in the first few photos.

The top left photo shows the silk before felting. I didn’t really have a preconceived notion of what the landscape would be when I started. I thought I would figure it out as it went along. I laid out both pieces of silk over the white pre felt and then wet down and felted them by mainly rubbing. I did a little bit of fulling but left them fairly soft. While I was working, I saw distant mountains and evergreen trees in the pink/orange piece. The bottom right shows that piece after felting. I did decide to pull the edges of the silk around to the back and hand stitch them down to give a cleaner edge.

Next, I decided I wanted to give the feeling of more depth so I decided to add some sheer fabric into the mountain area. I used Bo Nash 007 Fusing Agent. It is powdered fusible. You sprinkle it on and then put whatever you are fusing on top and then iron it. The picture on the left is trying out different layers of sheer fabric and the one on the right is after fusing. Click on the photos to see more detail.

Then I began machine stitching. I didn’t want to put too much detail in the distance so it was pretty simple stitching. The middle photo shows the first thread I used in the middle distance and I thought it was too dark. It’s hard to tell the difference but I picked out the darker thread and took it down a shade or two on the right. It definitely made a difference to me but it’s hard to tell in the photos.

Next up was the trees. I followed where the blue dye was in the fabric and created the further set of trees with a dark blue green thread. It is much bluer thread than the foreground trees. Then I add in the foreground trees with a couple of different shades of green thread. They have a bit more detail than the further distance trees. Hopefully, that gives a sense of depth in the landscape.

I haven’t decided on a title for this piece. Any suggestions? Have you tried creating a landscape for our 1st Quarter Challenge? If so, you can share with us over on the forum here. 

13 thoughts on “1st Quarter Challenge – Nuno Felted and Machine Stitched Landscape

  1. The fusible powder sounds good.
    The landscape has lovely texture and we like the way you made it up as you went along.
    The trees are so well stitched they give great depth to the landscape and make the mountains look huge.
    Overall it’s a beauty!
    As for name? Tricky one, but the colour hints at a sunset.

    1. Thanks Lyn, it’s fun letting the piece tell me what it needs as I go along. It does look like sunset and I had considered “Alpenglow” but I used that one before. Titles are hard sometimes. 🙂

    1. Thanks Sunny! I don’t use much Bo Nash because it tends to get too much plastic on the surface of the piece. I have a little bit of that here but not too much. I only used a very small amount but it still seemed too much. Hmmm… Does it look like Arizona? It is supposed to be more Montana.

  2. Love the way you developed it organically, letting the materials suggest the image. That requires both creativity and confidence which is wonderful. Plus the piece is gorgeous so a win all round. I’ve nothing much to contribute re the name other than maybe to include the type of tree along with Montana and/or sunset?

  3. Love the depth of field you’ve created with more detail in the foreground trees, and by ‘Winging it’ too.
    It’s a lovely piece Ruth. My only name suggestion would be Montana Light.

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