A Scribble Tree

A Scribble Tree

Last week in Ruth’s post  Batik Post  she had a scribble tree. I have always liked them so Ruth suggested I make some. Ok them what to make. then I remembered these felt pieces I made a long time ago, I think,  because I do not remember making them or what they were for.

They seem to be white felt with black silk hanky on them that were make to the prefelt stage, then cut out and put on some black prefelt(maybe) and felted again.  I had no idea what to do with these but then thought why not just treat them like pieces of tile and just make a picture on them like painters do.

First I needed some tree green yarn so bot out my carders. It is some sort of curly fiber maybe Blue Faced Lester as that is what I have most of and the curls are small.

I made some rolags to spin. It is full of lumps and nepps so it will be a textured yarn.

I spun up a single, then plied it and made it into a center pull ball ready to use.

I used the yarn to needle felt a scribble tree onto one of the bigger pieces.

I decided it needed a star so used some embroidery thread to add one. I would like to add some hanging Christmas balls but there really isn’t room for them. The piece is only about 4 inches square.

I decided to try it on one of the smaller pieces too about 2×3 inches. The picture on the right is the back. I love how all the little stabs of fiber stick out.

So thats been my weeks worth of daily doses of fiber.

As It is so close to new year I am going to Wish you all a Fibrey New Year full of creativity. I am planning to do more hangable art work, work out an online workshop and an intermediate vessel class for my guild. But also to learn how to use my new camera to make and document my work. See you next Year(8 whole days form now).


11 thoughts on “A Scribble Tree

  1. Good luck with the camera manual Ann!
    Your spinning is fab. The tree with the embroidered star is lovely and yes, it seems a shame that the reverse of needle felting doesn’t get seen.
    It’s good that you have a plan for next year – much better than winging it.

  2. Great string trees Ann. Thanks for sharing your process and repurposing at the same time. I never got the hang of spinning, but you got some great texture there. Good luck with the camera and online classes. I’m sure you’ll do well. Happy fibery New Year to you, too!

  3. Your trees came out great. And you used stuff up in the process. Always good to have a plan even if it’s just a “loose one”. Happy New Year!

  4. Love your trees, created using your own yarn….very productive.
    Good luck with your plans and workshop for next year Ann, and as others have said getting to grips with your camera instructions. Instructions seem increasingly moe complicated these days.
    Creative fun in the New Year.

    1. Thanks Antje. The camera book is a very thick little book with small print. I love spinning. I can decide I want a little bit of pink and blur yarn and just grab some wool and make it.

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