Felted slipper class

Felted slipper class

This last Saturday I taught a slipper class to 6 lovely ladies. I gave them a choice of templates, so there were different types of slippers being made at the same time. We used the one that looks like bunny ears, the one with little pointy the ears on the sides, boots and some pointy ones.  They used Corriedale wool for the slippers. I prefer something like Fin wool but it is hard to get it in colours and everyone wants colours. So Corriedale is a good compromise. After everyone made templates it was onto laying out the wool.

Then on to rubbing rolling

Once everything was hanging together well, it was time to take the resists out. You might remember Christine made one of the pixie hats in the hat workshop a few weeks ago. Hat Class. Hat Class She is planning for curly toes.


And on to fulling. There is scrunching and throwing of course and we had a washboard and a car mat to help with the shrinking.  Sorry I have no pictures of that.

You can custom fit your slipper right on your food of course.  You can really see how much it has changed compared to the one that hasn’t been fulled yet.

This one was almost done.

Judy’s are the only ones managed to get a picture of at the end of class.  She put a little of all the embellishment fibers on them to see how they felted.  She still wants to a just the top at the opening. She is going to make insoles and add a leather sole.

I am adding this in. Judy had some felt insoles and she needled some special supports for her feet onto it and fit them into her new slippers.

And Christine’s curly toes







13 thoughts on “Felted slipper class

  1. Looks like everyone had fun with this class! Would love to see a photo of the curly toe slippers. The finished pair look pretty – the embellishment is lovely.

    1. Thanks Marilyn. it was good because they all got to see how they get put together and separated. Also how small the hole is to start on the pointy slippers.

  2. Looks like an excellent class, Ann, lots of focus and industry. I’ve never made slippers but now I’m quite tempted…..

    1. Thanks Ruth, they did work hard. It is easier in some ways when you are in a group. chatting makes the time pass faster while you are rubbing and rolling and throwing. It is encouraging when you see someone’s slippers really are shrinking.

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