A picture for exhibition

A picture for exhibition

Last week I missed doing my blog post because I had no power or internet. My area was hit by 6 tornados. We were not hit we had no damage.  Some areas near us were hit very hard, the large power substation near us was hit and some of the cell phone and internet towers too.

Before all that I did manage to work on my piece for the guild exhibition and sale. I  do not think I will get it done in time as it is due in a week.  The theme was a 100-mile inspiration. I decided to do a scene with the Parlement buildings. I am using 2 prefelt layers with a piece of cotton gauze in the middle for the background.

First I found a simple outline picture I could use for the outline of the building. I cut that out and tried it on the background.

I pinned it to another piece of prefelt and cut it out.

Then it was time to work ou the clouds.

After I took the picture and looked at it I realized I had made the clouds to symmetrical. Its funny how looking at a picture sometimes shows you more than just looking at it. I tacked all the pieces together with a few jabs of a felting needle

Next was adding fireworks as I am thinking it should be Canada Day.

Then I cropped the picture to see better how it will look.

I wet felted the piece and now I need to do some stitching around the building so it will show better.and my daughter said I should add beads around the fireworks like the sparkles you see with fireworks. I thought maybe some sparkly thread and a bead at the end of each firework.  What else would you add to this silhouette picture?











15 thoughts on “A picture for exhibition

  1. I’m so glad you did not receive any damage, but what a horrible experience. Sunday I watched an old film, Twister, on tv….now your comments….it has made it very real.

    Amazing exhibition piece
    My thoughts….Do you want the building totally in silhouette or could you add some white stitching just to ‘suggest’ the fenestration, as it is a lovely building? Perhaps a hint of glowing sunset offset behind the building adding to the firework colours. Perhaps some of the firework beads could also have a few tiny bursts of stitching around.

    I look forward to seeing the finished piece.

    1. Thanks, I may have it ready to put in my booth but maybe not. Maybe some highlights in a dark gray just to suggest the shape and some windows. I think I will play with bead and stitch arrangements in a photo program to see what I like.

  2. In happy to hear that you weathered all of those storms and all is okay. I look forward to seeing yourr finished piece and I love your process.

  3. Glad the storm missed you Ann, sounds pretty scary. I like all of Antje’s ideas. I was going to suggest the glowing sunset off the building. Just to add a little color to the building so it stands out just a bit more from the background.

    1. Thanks, Ruth. We forget we can get tornadoes here. it was the big hurricane on the east coast that pushed the moisture and air around. the sun sets to the front left I think. I will have to go look at some pictures.

  4. Wow, the storms and tornadoes sound unbelievable, Ann! Glad you didn’t get hit. I’m rubbish at knowing what to add to pictures, so I’ll just admire how good it looks already and look forward to the finished piece 🙂

  5. I’m glad the storms missed you. There is so much tragedy and damage around the world. I agree with Antjes suggestions. You know me, I always love a little bling. Good luck finishing it!

  6. love the progress! and its vary sneeky adding stability to your prefet! grate idea (i jsut went to thinker felt) have you thot of a vit of light sneeking out of a few of the window in teh parlement biulding? or a cuple of the one ones that go off rite behind the biulding? that way you can highlight just part of the edge which would make it more misterious!
    i look foroword to you bringing it to the social!!

    1. sorry i shouldnt post so late my spelling just gets wors. i was trying to suggest a cuple if the low fierworks could help give a suggestion of the outline,

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