A Holiday Card and a Look Back and Ahead

A Holiday Card and a Look Back and Ahead

I have been to busy lately to do any felting. The other problem is my felting table gets turned into gift wrapping central.

I Got a lovely card from my exchange partner in our card exchange. I got a few extra goodies with my card too. My partner Rhoda Lamb (how’s that for an appropriate name) has a nice little etsy store. https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/TheFibreBin?ref=search_shop_redirect

This year seems to have flown by. I have been teaching and making some art pieces for the guild art show celebrating Canadas 150th birthday. I even sold a piece, the sheep.



I had fun reshaping some hats. I plan to make some more that are similar.



Next year I would like to work more on artwork. Time to dig into the inspiration file. I have accumulated lots of frames I think will work well for felt. I will need to remember to make the pieces the size to fit and not make some felt and then try to find a frame that will work. The first thing to do will be to have a really good tidy up. With today being boxing day you wild think I might be inspired.

I am hoping for a slower and more creative new year and I wish you the same.


8 thoughts on “A Holiday Card and a Look Back and Ahead

  1. The sheep piece was lovely! Your idea of finding the frame before making the art is a good one – it should save a lot of time and frustration.

  2. Best wishes for the new year Ann! I do hope you get all the time you want to create. And making the piece to fit the frame is a great idea, too bad I never follow that advice 😉

    1. I hope your new year brings lots of snow and skiers Ruth. I have a frame and background I plan to use together and now I can’t find the background. It really is time to sort out again.

  3. Congrats on selling the sheep piece Ann. I usually end up buying the wrong size frame and built up a collection, but somehow manage to make the wrong size, too. I hope next year is a creative, fun one for you! Time to play again. 🙂

  4. I really liked your connected picture 🙂 Good luck with the tidying, I find once I have a big enough clear space to do something I start filling it with new projects! 🙂

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