Felted Birdhouse Class

Felted Birdhouse Class

Hi everyone I am a day or two behind so please forgive the late post. On Sunday I had 3 ladies for a Felt Birdhouse class. There should have been 4 but one lady was sick. I hope she is feeling better now.

Here is the start, 2 gourd shapes and a circle.

Locks where very popular this class. Carlene ( blue ) brought lots her own and some threads as well. This is side one

side two after wetting

Healing the cut after making the hole to get the resist out and let the bird in.

And all finished. We used Corriedale wool and you can see the shrinkage, about 1.3. The brown took more work to shrink for some reason. I hadn’t had the colour make any difference before.

They got sent home with instructions to blow up a balloon or some scrunched up plastic bags inside to get it to dry in a nice round shape. Carlene posted some pictures of her birdhouse on facebook when it was dry.

You will notice there is a red lock missing at 4:00. So she has added one with some felting needles.  I think it turned out great.

Have you done any felting in preparation for springs arrival? We just had 15 cm of snow dropped on us and it is still snowing so thoughts of spring are all we have.


12 thoughts on “Felted Birdhouse Class

  1. All three are very pretty and I hope the birds like them!

    I have a Jenny Wren building a nest in the roof-reeds of our garden sunshade – plenty of spiders and insects there for her – and blue tits are in and out of a wooden box I have on the shed.

    1. Thanks Lyn, the Canada geese have just started to return here. The early birds. It’s not spring until they have all stopped over in the fields on the migration north.

  2. All the bird pods are lovely. This is something I’ve been wanting to do, but probably won’t be able to do this spring. How large are the finished pods?

    1. You can work on designing it Marilyn. have some fun searching Pinterest for inspiration. They are About 10 inches tall. I have seen them much bigger too.

    2. Yes, I can do that. Too bad I wasn’t able to take your class. 🙂

  3. Great class Ann. Looks like they had fun and learned a lot. The first sign of spring is here, the daffodils have popped their little green bits out of the ground right near the house where the snow is melted. The rest still have four feet of snow on them. 🙂

    1. Thanks they did seem to have fun Ruth. Most of the snow near the house had gone and we had some weeds starting but we are snowed under again.

  4. those bird houses look great, such fun!
    What percentage shrinkage do you get with the Corriedale?

  5. Your classes always look like everyone enjoys them, Ann 🙂 The pods are great. I haven’t done any felting to prepare for spring, I have a bird pod waiting to be finished and I put out some bedding material and cleared the rubbish out of the garden so the birds can be safer.

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