Relearning to Crochet

Relearning to Crochet

I’ve been trying to think of projects that weren’t labor intensive since I’m having back problems again.  My son and his family gave me a set of ergonomic crochet hooks for my birthday.  Then for some reason I started getting crochet posts in my Facebook news feed. I’ve been intrigued with some more complicated textures and dimensional stitches.  But I haven’t crocheted in years and figured I’d start with the basics.

I do have a book on crochet, but the Internet is loaded with tons of videos that keep calling me.

I’ve been practicing, but not have gotten my tension mojo just right.  So, bear with me. For these samples I used a medium weight (worsted) acrylic yarn I had on hand with a 5 mm, (UK 6, US H8 hook.)

Next to making the chain (ch) for a sample, the Single Crochet (sc) is one of most basic stitches.


Next I tried the Double Crochet (dc).


Then I made a sample with the Half Double Crochet (hdc) which I don’t remember ever seeing. A little more intricate and I liked the added texture.


The Triple Crochet (tc) is more open and less dimensional.


Then finally, the Double Triple Crochet (dtc.)  Very open and airy.


While they aren’t perfect and I’m getting the tension a little more consistent with daily practice, I’m far from making a project.  I try a new stitch everyday to keep my hands on fiber and learn something new.  Which I’ve learned helps spark creativity when you learn a new skill.

Have you tried something new lately?

18 thoughts on “Relearning to Crochet

  1. Crochet is a lovely sit-and-do craft and small pieces can be incorporated into your felt later on.
    I like your samples – it’s a good way to get back into the swing of things.

    The skill was taught to me by an aunt, before I was married, and I made a lot of clothing at the time. However, crochet was something that dropped out of my life for decades and only re-appeared when my daughter recently took up the crochet hook. I was inspired to pick up my knitting needles again!

    As you say, it is good to dabble with lots of crafts as it really does spark creativity in all areas.

    1. Thanks Lyn! I think I’ve dabbled in all the crafts. I learned to sew from my aunt when I was a young girl, but everything else i learned on my own. I can knit, too, but prefer the crochet. I’m having fun challenging myself to learn new things. The ergonomic hook design sure helps. I’d love to see your knitting. Please post some pics on the forum.

  2. You made a nice variety of crochet samples–the perfect way to get back into crochet. I have never knitted or crocheted and have no interest, but I have been on a weaving journey for the past year.
    As Lyn noted above–dabbling with one craft inspires creativity in others. What’s really wonderful is that the fiber arts can be combined in new and exciting ways.

    1. Thanks Cathy! You’re right, its so nice the fiber arts can be combined in some very creative ways. I’d love to see your weaving. I know you’ve been busy with that and your embroidery.

  3. I didn’t even know there were different stitches, Marilyn 🙂 I can see the differences in your samples. I tried crochet, I watched some videos, but just couldn’t work out what they were saying/doing, so never even got to cast on, or whatever it’s called!

    1. Thanks Zed! These are only the basic stitches. I’ve beeen playing with some more complicated textured stitches that I’ll share later. I believe casting on is a knitting term. Making a chain is the foundation for crochet. But I understand not getting something. I felt like all thumbs with the drop spindle. I guess there are some things we aren’t meant to do. But its fun trying even if you have to laugh at yourself.

  4. Just last week I picked up a book on “freeform” crochet from the library. I hadn’t done any crochet since I was a young girl. I had to go to youtube videos to get the basics but I haven’t progressed as far as you have and mine don’t look nearly as good. Most importantly though, I have had fun. I don’t know if I will get as far as getting use out of the library book before it’s due but it did inspire me! And so do your samples!

    1. Thanks! I’m glad I inspired you. Freeform, hmm, I’ll have to check that out. I haven’t crocheted since i was a young woman, but it comes back with practice. And You Tube is loaded with videos. Some are good and others not so much. The hardest part for me is controlling the tension to make even stitches. I’ll just have to keep at it. If you’d like to share your work join us on the forum.

  5. This does bring back memories! My grandmothers both crocheted…everything from lace trim to bed spreads. My Romanian grandmother even crocheted lace and flowers onto bath towels in very weird colors–I still have one of those oddballs. I bought a “how-to” book when I was in my 20s with about 40 different stitches illustrated. I taught myself and made this HUGE wool throw out of squares about 9×9″ each. All in different stitches using three different colors to make the squares: taupe, cream, and heathered peach. I think it took me over 140 hours to crochet and then assemble the thing. I gave it to my mom for Mothers Day and never picked up a crochet hook again. Moral of the story, start small! Anyway, some of your stitches bring back the hours of crocheting I did in the 80s. I have yet to try to incorporate crochet into a piece of felt. Does anyone have pictures of that?

  6. I would have said I was not a fan of crochet if you had asked me last year but lately I have seen some really cool crochets pieces, using stitches I hadn’t seen before. No more granny squares.

  7. I agree Ann. There are some really awesome stitches out now. No more granny squares for sure!

  8. Great samples Marilyn. Looks like you’re well on your way to beginning a project. I have seen lots of free form crochet that was really cool. I did know the basics but have forgotten them now.

    1. Thanks Ruth! I’m not sure there is a project in the near future. I’m just having fun learning new things. Until this week, I haven’t heard of free form crochet. I’ll have to check it out.

  9. I haven’t crocheted in years 😮 Well done, Marilyn! I must confess I’m envious of your great turning skills (I always messed up there, never knew when to turn and sometimes ended up with a wave on the sides…) Those samples look great, I hope you keep it up 😀

    1. Thanks Leonor! I hadn’t crocheted in decades and believe me there is a lot of tearing out and starting again. 🙂 I find it challenging especially as I’m moving away from the traditional stitches.

  10. Nice samples Marilyn! Keep going and you’ll soon have enough for a patchwork blanket. 😉 I’ve only gotten as far as the granny squares… Obviously, a lot more left to learn. But that’s also part of the fun. 🙂

    1. Thanks Zara! I keep finding more and more stitches I want to learn. With all the different sizes of samples it would be a real challenge to put them all together. But I’ll think about that when I’m done playing.

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