Nuno Felt Class

Nuno Felt Class

This last Sunday I taught a nuno felt class. I had five students.  They chose their scarf blanks and we started.


I think for a change I took more pictures. I am going to do each scarf separately. If you click on any set it will become a slideshow with bigger pictures. I hope you enjoy looking at the class as much as we enjoyed doing it. I have as much fun teaching as the students do making the scarves.  I get to do it all again with 6 students this Sunday.

19 thoughts on “Nuno Felt Class

  1. Hi ShepherdessAnn,
    I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind telling me how much you charge for your classes, and how long they are. I am thinking of teaching a class here and just wondered what other people charge.
    Thanks, and also thanks for sharing your felting adventures! Always enjoy reading about them.



    1. Thanks Nancy. the classes are through my guild. They are $55 +tax for members and $70 +tax for non members. The class is 10-4 with an hour for lunch. the is a $20 material fee as well. It covers the dyed scarf blank, wool, and all the embellishment fibers.

  2. Well done on the photos Ann! It was lovely to see how each scarf progressed and all your students made lovely scarves.

  3. The class looks wonderful Ann. I have a hard time remembering to take photos too. You did a great job this time. It is nice to see the progression of the scarves as they are created. Looks like the students had a wonderful time.

    1. Thanks Ruth. It is so hard to remember to take pictures when you are busy teaching chatting supervising trying to make sure everyone is getting it. Yes I was really happy when I saw I had taken enough pictures of everyone scarf. a couple of students sent me dry pictures too.

  4. Beautiful scarves and nice photos Ann! Yes, it is hard to remember to take pics when teaching. But you did very well.

  5. Love the photos of the progression of each scarf. They turned out so beautiful. I was wondering what was the texture/feel of the finished scarf? Is it stiff or is it soft and flowing like silk or what?

    1. When they are finished they are soft and drapey. there is not a lot of wool on each scarf . you are using the silk to add strength to it. If you full it to the maximum it would get stiffer.

  6. Thanks for that explanation about the finished scarf. I must have felted mine too much as it came out very stiff. Nothing I would want to put around my neck! To me it looked like you put a tremendous amount of wool on each scarf! Do you have some tips of how much you felt the scarf to keep it soft and drapey? Thanks

    1. I shrink them 1/4 to 1/3 mostly. I is usually one think layer. but not so thin you see the silk through it. sometimes I do it that thing so I end up with the silk showing on the wool side too.

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