Fibrefest, some Demoing at the Fair and a Little Farm Life

Fibrefest, some Demoing at the Fair and a Little Farm Life

I think I have recovered for selling at Fibrefest. It was a good show for me. Consequently I did not get out of my booth much to take pictures. I did get a few shots of my booth.

boothshot-1 boothshot-4 boothshot-2 boothshot-3

This is what the 12 yard skeins ended up looking like. You can see them in the big black basket in the middle of the table. They went over quite will at $5 each, mostly to rug hookers.


I shared my booth with a friend who only has a small amount to sell. She has lovely hand spun wool.


This weekend was the Richmond Fair. Three of us go every year and have a great time.

Here is our display, Bernadette is getting some fiber ready to go through the drum carder and I am getting  wool and pencils ready for bead making. Jan’s Inkle loom is front left.


Here Jan is chatting with a lady about our guild and a close up of what she has on the inkle loom she is adding in some fuzzy caterpillars as a supplementary warp as she goes.

jan-chatting-at-fair jans-weaving

Two of the many children that made beads. Everyone seemed to like them. Bernadrett was in charge of putting a short piece of her hand spun through them and making them into bracelets.


Sunday afternoon we had some sheep show to be sheared.

sheep-at-the-fair shearing

They are Rideau Arcotts except the black faced one that is a Suffolk cross. They were a big hit and Jan got 2 fleeces that she now has soaking to get clean.

Around the farm this week we had a set of twin bull calves born. Twins are unusual in cows. I only have a not so good picture of one of them. Black calves are hard to photograph and mom likes to keep them hidden in the weeds.


This summer has been very hot and dry. None of the squash or beans in the field garden came up and only about 6 potato plants. There are plans to get water to that garden next year. However we did have a volunteer squash plant in the barn yard where the water from the roof lands. It has gone crazy we harvested 17 squash and there are more ripening and more flowers. So apparently we are better accidental gardeners than on purpose gardeners. LOL






11 thoughts on “Fibrefest, some Demoing at the Fair and a Little Farm Life

    1. Thanks and its not a dumb question, I get it all the time. I wrap wool around soap and then felt it down and you have soap and a washcloth all in one. Its fun for anyone but especially nice for people with grip problems like arthritis that find it hard to hang onto a bar of soap

  1. Your booth looks very inviting – I most certainly would have stopped to look!
    What’s coming off the inkle loom is scrummy – pretty colours too.
    I laughed at your accidental harvest. It’s the same as when you chuck squashy tomatoes into a border and get the best tomato plants ever.

    1. Thanks Lyn. Jan is always doing something a little off center and sometime out in left field. She is the one that di the giant prehistoric fish cat cave. You can see him in the corner. We’ve have had some great tomatoes that way too.

  2. The booth looked great Ann! Very colorful and as Lyn said inviting. So many things to look at.

    It seems everyone is having garden problems this year. But glad you had a mini harvest of surprise squash.

    Love the colors and cool caterpillars on the loom.

    1. Thanks Marilyn. This year it was so dry last year everything drown. I think I will just toss some seeds into the barn yard next year. Jan has a great imagination for things.

  3. Fibrefest and the Richmond Fair both look great, Ann, your stall is excellent! Did you ever find that bull from last year that hid in the weeds? 😉

  4. Looks like you’ve been a busy girl 🙂 Glad the show was successful, your booth looks really nice. Sounds like my kind of gardening, by accident. I tried onions, garlic and spinach this year. The first spinach crop was good but then the deer ate the rest. The garlic were almost nonexistent. We have a good crop of onions though. Think we’ll be having some onion soup soon!

    1. Thanks Ruth. it really is the best kind of gardening. I love gardens just not gardening. potato’s and winter squash are usually easy. We had tried a 3 sister planting this year but nothing came up. I will try again next year.

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