2016 Third Quarter Challenge

2016 Third Quarter Challenge

Well, it may be hard to beat the first two quarter challenges.  But it will also be possible to combine those two processes to help create this one.  Adding dimension to our projects.  This is something I’ve been working on since I began learning to create texture in flat pieces.

I became totally intrigued with this in the first challenge I participated in which was mixed media using clay, curing clay, felt, fabric, metal and paint.


More about it here:  https://feltingandfiberstudio.com/2013/09/30/third-quarter-challenge-marilyns-entry/

I was hooked.  The challenge became to create dimension in felt alone.

Its what I like to call it having the picture jump off the page.  Being able to touch and interact with the story.  And there are many ways to do it.  Using resists, carving, fiber sculpting and forming, cracked mud:

2014-10-29 11.4720151007_161152

SDO 4 spikes flower sdo 5 anemones







Marilyn's Carvings
Marilyn’s Carvings
Marilyn's Tiles
Marilyn’s Tiles
Stewart Stephenson - Marilyn
Stewart Stephenson – Marilyn










Building up with needle felting:20151014_152228

Needle felting and wet felting:


20151020_135607 20151024_160640


Adding dimension thru layering and fabric manipulation:



2014-04-30 12.00.28


Combining techniques:

2014-05-24 16.18

It doesn’t mean having to make a 3D object, but you can also add dimension to one.

closeup front

A  recent example for the resist challenge came from Ann.  Plenty of dimension here.

ann vessel

Or Teri Berry’s flame hat with foil. Teri I can’t imagine how you’ll top your recent work, but I hope you’ll try.

teri flame hat with foil

Of course, there are many more examples we’ve seen here on the Studio and the forum. While many of you do this routinely, please challenge yourself to take it to the next level!  And if it’s the first time, take baby steps.  I look forward to seeing how you create dimension.

23 thoughts on “2016 Third Quarter Challenge

  1. Another great challenge Marilyn! With so many possibilities, layering wool (and other materials) to create bumps, using flaps and spikes etc, there are so many possibilities my mind is racing. I think the challenge for me will be to find new ways of using these techniques… I am currently percolating a design for a nuno tunic topic that will have lots of texture, while it will fit the challenge brief, I’m not sure I can really call it a challenge….

    1. Thanks Teri! I know for experienced felters it may not be much of a challenge other than to do what you’re saying combining them. For me it’s obviously been a slow learning curve. But I’m sure you’ll create a new level for us to attain. :-). It should be fun to see what people will do with this.

  2. Ooh, we just started doing texture at the well being centre, Marilyn. I agree with Teri about finding new ways to use the techniques, maybe combining some would be a good challenge 🙂

    1. The nice thing is that there are no rules Zed and everyone can work at their own level. You may be surprised at what ideas your new felters may come up with and your challenge will how to show them how it attain it. 🙂 Which I’m sure you will. Have fun!

    2. Or maybe they’ll come up with something I’ve never thought of!

  3. Great challenge Marilyn. I have some ideas. I want to create a very textured skirt for myself but I need to get some stuff made for the fall shoes before I can do that. I will have to get to work.

    1. Thanks Ann! I look forward to seeing what you create. A textured skirt should be fun.

    1. Thanks Ruth! I’m sure you’ll come up with something fun and interesting. 🙂 Just have fun!

    1. Thanks Cathy! I think it will help everyone build on their skills. The more experienced felters will certainly be more challenged. I’m excited to see what everyone does.

    1. Thanks Lyn! I hope so. There are so many possibilities I hope to see some I hadn’t even mentioned.

  4. Marily, it is again awsome, a great challenge, as already said many possibilities. I love to learn from other people and I like all those enthousiasm. First have to catch some inspiration from Norway and ‘ll give a freetime aspect too 😉

    1. Thanks Itfryskeskiepke! I look forward to seeing what inspiration Norway has to offer, enjoy!

  5. Great challenge Marilyn, so many things to try….so little time…ah well “get to it and stop procrastinating” you say?

    1. Thanks Sue! Haha, if I told you that I’d have to tell myself. We have three months. I’m sure you’ll find some time to play with the idea and do the challenge.

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