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Online Class Winner and Third Quarter Challenge

Online Class Winner and Third Quarter Challenge

PSP Front Page

My online class Printing, Stenciling, and Playing with Thickened Dyes on Felt is coming up quickly. The class starts on September 16th. If you haven’t signed up yet, there is still time to sign up by September 13th. Thanks to everyone who shared my last post about the class in hopes of winning a free class spot. I had the computer pick a random number and the winner is:

Debra Pearce

Debra, I will contact you with further information about the class by Monday, September 12th. Congratulations! For those of you who didn’t win, there are still a spots available in the class if you would like to join us. Register here.

I finally got some time to work on the Third Quarter Challenge. I had decided that I wanted to try some silk flowers nuno felted to the surface to create dimension. I also wanted to add some other dimensional felting techniques to the piece.

Initial Layout of Still Life

I started with a large piece of white pre-felt and covered it with hand dyed 8mm habotai silk on the bottom third and hand dyed cheesecloth on the top two-thirds. Then I decided that I wanted to add some dimension with leaves under the cheesecloth. So I cut up a leaf printed wool blanket that I had printed with iris leaves. I just cut around the printed shapes and placed the leaves under the cheesecloth. I decided to use some black burlap for the vase. The nice people from sent me some samples of their burlap and I decided to try it out with this project.  I will be writing another post soon about the burlap and how I have used the variety of burlap that they sent me. This used only one small piece.

I hadn’t ever made silk nuno felted flowers before so I just winged it. I folded and wrapped the hand dyed 5 mm habotai silk and then added a few stitches with cotton thread to hold it together. I made the flowers different sizes and different shapes to give them some contrast.  I added some similar colored merino wool under and in between the layers of the silk flowers to “glue” them down.

Still Life Layout

To add some variety and a bit of contrasting color, I used hand dyed cheesecloth to make smaller flowers in purple and in yellow. I added stems with three colors of pre-yarn. The leaves were made from a mixed green batt and dyed Wensleydale locks. The photo above shows the layout before wet down.

I had a bit of difficulty getting the 8mm habotai to felt into the pre-felt but most of it did eventually felt. It didn’t really matter since I was planning to wrap the piece around a canvas so I could staple the silk around the back even if it wasn’t completely felted in. I didn’t felt the piece completely, it’s still rather soft. But again, since it is going to hang on the wall, I didn’t think it needed to be as sturdy as something that would be worn.

Finished Still Life

And here is the finished piece. The canvas measures 24″ x 30″ so it is pretty large. The long skinny leaves are behind the cheesecloth but do give some depth.

Burlap Flower Pot

Here’s a little closer view of the burlap vase and locks.

And here you can see some of the dimension added. Have you tried felting something with surface dimension? We would love to see what you create for the third quarter challenge.




2016 Third Quarter Challenge

2016 Third Quarter Challenge

Well, it may be hard to beat the first two quarter challenges.  But it will also be possible to combine those two processes to help create this one.  Adding dimension to our projects.  This is something I’ve been working on since I began learning to create texture in flat pieces.

I became totally intrigued with this in the first challenge I participated in which was mixed media using clay, curing clay, felt, fabric, metal and paint.

More about it here:

I was hooked.  The challenge became to create dimension in felt alone.

Its what I like to call it having the picture jump off the page.  Being able to touch and interact with the story.  And there are many ways to do it.  Using resists, carving, fiber sculpting and forming, cracked mud:

2014-10-29 11.4720151007_161152

SDO 4 spikes flower sdo 5 anemones







Marilyn's Carvings
Marilyn’s Carvings
Marilyn's Tiles
Marilyn’s Tiles
Stewart Stephenson - Marilyn
Stewart Stephenson – Marilyn










Building up with needle felting:20151014_152228

Needle felting and wet felting:


20151020_135607 20151024_160640


Adding dimension thru layering and fabric manipulation:



2014-04-30 12.00.28


Combining techniques:

2014-05-24 16.18

It doesn’t mean having to make a 3D object, but you can also add dimension to one.

closeup front

A  recent example for the resist challenge came from Ann.  Plenty of dimension here.

ann vessel

Or Teri Berry’s flame hat with foil. Teri I can’t imagine how you’ll top your recent work, but I hope you’ll try.

teri flame hat with foil

Of course, there are many more examples we’ve seen here on the Studio and the forum. While many of you do this routinely, please challenge yourself to take it to the next level!  And if it’s the first time, take baby steps.  I look forward to seeing how you create dimension.

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