Some life on the farm.

Some life on the farm.

Today the turkeys arrived, we ordered 3 kinds to see how they grow for us. Some white ones and some bronze ones and some called artisan. The whites and the bronze came as week olds.

whites and bronzes 1 whites and bronzes 2


There are some videos below. they do not seem to be loading up here while I am editing. I am hoping they work once published. If not I will try tomorrow using the video camera instead of my iPhone. They are quick time movies so I am not sure the problem. If you know please let me know.

The artisan where only available as day olds.  Here they are in there travel box. they do not give them much room when traveling as it is safer if they can’t move around to much. I like their marking.  They are in a bigger box under a heat lamp in my studio, right next to a box of day old chickens that one of our loose birds hatched yesterday.

in the travel box


I gave the laying hens some new shavings in their nesting boxes. then spread the rest of the shaving bale around. They all run outside while I am doing it. It is very scary it seems.  They are chicken chickens of course.  Then curiosity takes over and they have to come in a check it out.

egg layers  



Every children’s book I have ever read about farms says roosters crow in the morning. I am here to tell you that is true but they also crow mid morning and at lunch and in the afternoon and evening. The only time they do not cow is at night.  At least I have never heard them because I am sleeping.


It seems one of the young roosters though he could be in charge and found out he couldn’t. The up side of bird politics is I got some really nice feathers donated by the looser. I think they will look very nice on a hat.  The rooster is fine just short a few feathers. I can’t eve tell witch of the to young red ones it was.


One last video this is Star(ving) getting her bottle at dinner time. She has grown into a sturdy little lamb since you first met her.








20 thoughts on “Some life on the farm.

    1. They will grow at an amazing rate. The ones in the box are supposed to be a smaller bird. not everyone wants a 25 pound turkey. I don’t know why, for me the bigger the better.

  1. Ann, your videos are lovely! You lead a busy life indeed and it’s a wonder you manage to find the time to felt.

  2. Love the turkeys and their little peeping noises. And the roosters just seem to be telling everyone how important they are. Star is adorable and growing by leaps and bounds. Thanks for the videos, they are great fun for those of us who don’t have our own beasties. I keep thinking I should get some chickens but then I think how much work I would have to do and change my mind.

    1. A few fancy chickens are not much work. You can get one that lays green eggs and one that lays blue and a brown and a white. You can fill the feeder an it will last days. And collecting eggs is easy. You don’t have to have 60.

    2. But I’d have to have a place for them and fencing etc. Maybe one day. I certainly wouldn’t have 60 😉

  3. My they are a cute but noisy and hungry bunch! Star has really grown and judging from her enthusiastic drinking will be full grown in no time. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I wish i had sound on my laptop, they look like a really lively bunch! <3 and i couldnt help smiling at the wagging of Stars tail!! thank you so much for sharing your wonderful critters xxx

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