Needle Felted Sheep Class

Needle Felted Sheep Class

I hope all our American friends had a great Thanksgiving and have survived Black Friday.  Up here in Canada it is a new idea that has really only caught on along the boarder, where they hope for cross boarder shopping.  While some were out shopping I spent Saturday teaching a needle felted sheep class.

Here are a few of mine that created the demand for the class.


I had 3 student that had never needle felted before. We start by making all the parts. I forgot to take pictures early on but here are some legs being attached. I left the pen in to help you see the size.

adding legs

I love the way people really get into the felting. Such concentration. You can see her right hand is blurry as she needles the head on.

consentrating  After the parts of the sheep are all needle felted together and they have naked sheep,  it’s time to start adding curls. We use Bluefaced Leicester curls. They are good for this application because they are small tight curls.

starting to look like a sheep almost wooly enough

The last thing they add are the eyes. You don’t want to be stabbing something that is looking at you. LOL

adding the eyes

Here they are posing on some weaving that was on one of the looms in the Guild studio. I brought lots of colours but 2 of the ladies decide to got with the natural curls.

all finished They are always so cute.





10 thoughts on “Needle Felted Sheep Class

  1. Absolutely Ann – it would be impossible to stab away once the eyes were on! I love your sheep and I bet your students were happy to be taught how to make them.

  2. Aaw, they’re gorgeous! It’s funny how many times I’ve heard that about the eyes over the years 🙂

  3. They are really darling Ann. I’m sure the students were delighted with their sheep. I hadn’t heard that about the eyes, but it makes perfect sense. 🙂

  4. The sheep are really cute as usual and looks like your students had lots of fun. I stayed home on Black Friday as I can’t stand all the craziness here.

    1. Thanks Ruth. I don’t think there is anything I have ever wanted enough to go though what I see on news on Black Friday. The news also said that many things were cheaper last week before the “sale” prices for the day.

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