Notebook Winner and Another Free Design

Notebook Winner and Another Free Design

The winner of the felt notebook is Rhonda Lynn! Rhonda Lynn please contact me with your snail mail address at laneruthe at gmail dot com and I will send you the notebook. I used a random number generator to pick the winner and the number was 11. So congratulations to Rhonda Lynn.

Back in October, I told you about a project I am working on with Deb Stika using her contemporary and modern designs. So I am posting another free design today in PDF format that you are welcome to use in your work. I would love to see if you make anything. Last time, Teri Berry made a beautiful nuno felted creation from one of the designs. You can see her piece here.

Psychedelic 1

This next design is in the Psychedelic category.

Psychedelic 1 - Hand Stitch

This is Deb’s hand stitched representation of the design. The background fabric is a piece of screen printed fabric that I made several years ago.

Cut Back Felt Machine Applique - Psychedelic Design 1

And this is my machine stitched cut back applique made with two layers of felt. Since several people thought it would be a good idea to have some tutorial aspects in the proposed book, I did a short tutorial to show you how I made this.

Water Soluble Taped to Paper Design

I started with the printed design on paper. I then taped down water soluble fabric over the design and traced it. Use a regular pencil, not a colored pencil. Colored pencils have wax that gum up your sewing machine needle.

Two Layers of Felt

I then chose a couple of pieces of screen printed felt in different colors. It helps if the colors are different either in value or hue.

Water Soluble with Design on Felt

I placed the design over the felt and then…

Water Soluble Fabric Pinned to Two Layers of Felt

pinned it down. It would probably be better to baste all the layers together but I was being lazy and it actually didn’t shift that much with stitching.

Stitching Outer Edge

I then began free motion stitching the outer edge. With free motion stitching you need to use a darning foot, lower the feed dogs and set your stitch length to zero. I stitched all the lines at least twice over.

Close Up Free Motion Machine Stitching

Here’s a little bit closer view of the stitching.

Stitching Inner Lines

Then I started working on the inner lines. I made sure to stitch in place at the end of each inner design to lock the thread and then just moved the needle to the next spot. At the end, you have to trim off all the threads that are between the stitched designs.

Still Stitching

And then I stitched, stitched and stitched some more. It took a while.

Ready to Start Cutting Back

I cut off the excess threads and trimmed off the extra water soluble fabric from around the edges.

Water Soluble Dissolved

Then I soaked the piece in warm water to dissolve the water soluble fabric. Then I let the piece dry completely. I forgot to take any photos of the cut back process. While carefully looking at the paper design, I decided which areas to cut out. Use a sharp pair of embroidery type scissors and cut inside your stitched lines. Only cut the first layer of fabric or felt as close to the stitched line as possible. But don’t cut through your stitching.

Cut Back Complete

And here you can see the green beneath showing where I cut out portion of the upper blue felt.

Dense Free Motion Stitching

I then did some really dense stitching on the “black” part of the original design.

Cut Back Felt Machine Applique - Psychedelic Design 1

And this is the result. I think if I was going to mount this piece, I might cut around the outside of the design to give it more definition. But I am leaving it how it is for right now. So here’s another mini challenge, use this design in your own work with whatever media you choose. You can increase the size of the design if you’d like or leave it as it is. Have fun!

Psychedelic 1 with copyright



21 thoughts on “Notebook Winner and Another Free Design

  1. I am so super happy – thanks for making it possible for me to win such a lovely piece!

    And thank you for sharing this process – the finished piece is beautiful!

  2. Fun technique and piece. It’s not clear why the red areas are showing up. I don’t see it in any of the first photos or see the use if the red felt mentioned in the text. Maybe I missed it.

    1. Sorry I didn’t make that more clear. The red/orange is thread. I used it to outline all the design and then I stitched very heavily in the “red” areas. It is actually more orange than red but hard to tell in the photos. There were only two colors of felt – green and blue.

  3. Wow! That is an intense amount of work, so intricate, but a beautiful result. How large is the piece? Thanks for sharing your technique, Ruth.

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