Round the farm.

Round the farm.

I haven’t done a thing with felt this week. I have just been relaxing after the show and  trying catch up on all the things I wasn’t doing while getting ready. I thought I would show you a few things around the farm.

Every morning when I go out the door the Turkeys are there and they walk me to the van.

turkeys 2 turkeys 1

In the picture on the right you can see 2 of the toms are all fluffed up and there heads are quite blue.

With it being fall we got wood in. We get 2 loads like this.

wood delivery 2 wood delivery 1

We heat with an outdoor wood boiler. I like it much better than when we had an indoor wood furnace.

wood furnace

To night as I write this one of our pigs has started to have piglets.

piglet Piglet and mom

Piglets are very cute. Now it”s time for bed for me.



14 thoughts on “Round the farm.

  1. Enjoy your catching up.
    Pigs and piglets are really much cuter than they’re given credit for and they look like very tasty ones too! 🙂 Can’t really tell by the photo, but are they Gloucester Old Spots?

  2. Wow the turkeys are big! I think pigs are very cute 🙂 There’s a series on TV at the moment, The Last Kingdom and they have lots of woolly, curly haired pigs on!

    1. Yes they are big. You can’t Keep the Toms much longer they will start to get aggressive. Those woolly pigs are interesting. Spin them up and knit scrubby pads. LOL

    1. The wood stays right where he was unloading it. It is not far from where we use it. I will try to remember to go out and take a picture of the pile and post it on the forum.

  3. The turkeys and piglets are cute. My sister used run a pig farm. They are amazing creatures. That is a lot of wood. I’ve never heard of a wood boiling heat system. Enjoy catching up!

    1. well I don’t know how cute the turkeys are but the piglets sure are. There is a water jacket around the fire and pipes to our house, So from the house end it feels just like regular forced air.

  4. Ann, thanks for the intro to farm life with animals! Now I can recognize a “tom” turkey from a “girl” turkey, just in case I run across one in Chicago. Blue head, right? LOL ;-))

    1. The toms are quite funny. When they are not displaying they look just like the girls. They are very nosey too. Do take pictures if you see one walking down the street. LOL

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