A Little Farm Life

A Little Farm Life

I almost forgot to post today. We have had a busy week on the farm. Sundays are farmers Market for us.

bread at marketMy husband bakes bread and we have meat pies and lamb sausages in the freezer off to the left(off screen)  and pickled eggs in the fridge to the right.

It has been a busy week. I set up to do some dying but never go to it.

det up fpr dyeing I di manage to get some carding done for the Twist Festival this month. http://www.festivaltwist.org/en/home/

batts for twist 2 batts for twist

After market today we separated the rams. We do not want lambs born at Christmas time. Tex on the left and Burt on the right.

Tex Burt

This is the future Ram. Poor guy has no name. Do you know a good name for him?

new ram

This week we also got a new old tractor. Ford Super Major 5000.

new old tractor

The early apple tree is almost ready for picking. It looks like a good crop this year. Maybe I will get some cider.


That’s a few of the things that have happened on the farm this week. I will try not to forget (almost) to post when it’s my turn next. Have a great week every one.




25 thoughts on “A Little Farm Life

  1. Ernie 🙂
    I like the way you’ve done your batts, Ann 🙂 And that bread looks nice, I could eat a whole loaf of good bread!

    1. Ernie goes well with Burt. the bats can be rolled much tighter with the paper. I only had 5 squished in the basket before I rolled them in paper. I would mail you a loaf but it I think it might be stale by the time it got there. 🙂

  2. How on earth do you find time to do felting? I feel positively sluggish after reading your diary!

    The bread and the apples on your tree look delicious!

    I think the ram looks cute and clever, so I would go for ‘Shaun’ – as in ‘Shaun the Sheep’ – do you get to see that on your side of the pond?

    1. Lyn, I waste far to much time and I do not house clean. The bread is great. I really like having a husband that bakes bread. I am looking forward to apple pie and making some apple sauce for my grandson. but cider would be best.
      Yes we know Shaun. We watch the Wallace and Grommet videos and we can get Shawn on Netflix. He has a new movie out. I might actually go to see it in the theatre.

  3. Ann, your home goods look wonderful! What kind of apples do you grow?

    The name: BACK TO THE FUTURE

    1. I really don’t know what kind the are. The tree in the picture grew from an apple core where it was tossed when my front yard was a field. Apples don’t reproduce true from seed anyway. I have some more that I should know but they have lost their tags.
      What would be call him for short?

  4. You’re a busy lady. I think you should name him Filz (felt in German) or just Phil. 🙂

  5. Never boring on the farm, isn’t it? May I suggest for the new ram, either Chuck or Larry, Curly, Floyd, Pete, Bob, Reggie, …Poky? Dippy? I envy your carding machine! I have piles of fibres ready to card but not enough hours to spend cranking my drum carder.

    1. Lots of names to choose from. The favourite one I ever had was one with really bushy eyebrows I called Brezhnev.
      Having the big carder is great but I still have my little hand cranked one too.

    1. I waste lots of time Ruth I never seem to get everything I want done, done. So 2 votes for Ernie, and I like Filz. I will have to see what the others think.

  6. I almost forgot to comment on your post, Ann! Am I still in time to pitch in a name? I’m going to be predictable and say Chocolate, you could call him Mr. Chocolate Brownie as a full name 😀

    Do you do a Farmer’s Market every week? That must be a lot of work…

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