The Whitefish Fashion Collection

The Whitefish Fashion Collection

I have written several posts about my interpretations in fabric of The Whitefish Fashion Collection that was originated from sketches by Nanci Williams. The exciting news is that is has all come together. We have the book!

Book Cover

If you’re interested, you can purchase a copy on Amazon. The opening of the exhibit was on August 6th and the show will be up for the entire month of August at The Purple Pomegranate in Whitefish, Montana. So if you happen to be in the area, please stop in!

Nanci Williams

This is Nanci, the consummate people watcher and creator of the delightful sketches on which this book is based.

WF Fashion Collection - 1st Sketch by Nanci Williams

This is the very first sketch that Nanci drew and the collection has grown from there. I ended up making a total eight pieces for the show and the wonderful news is that I already sold one of my pieces.

If you’d like to see more of the sketches and more about the book, you can visit The Whitefish Fashion Collection blog. I am going to try and get video of the opening and will post that there soon.

16 thoughts on “The Whitefish Fashion Collection

    1. Thanks Lyn, the opening went great, we had lots of people and sold some books. I will edit the video soon and might post it here but I’ll let everyone know.

  1. I just tried to order the book and it cannot be shipped to Canada. Is there another place to order it that does not think Canada is somewhere on the other side of the globe\/ Sorry on a bit of a rant as I have been having problems getting pretty ordinary items shipped to Canada this week.

    1. Hi Pat,
      Sorry about that. It is due to the shipping that the website is hard to set up for international orders. I sent you an e-mail with instructions.

  2. Well done Ruth, you must feel a great sense of accomplishment to have completed the book, set up the exhibition and sold a piece already!!

  3. Quite a neat thing–the exhibition and book. You are really doing a good job of putting Whitefish on the map! Look forward to seeing the video of opening night. Sounds like great fun!

    1. Thanks Cathy – I did take some video but it was so busy when people were there that I completely forgot to get any during opening night. But I will post the video of the exhibit soon.

    1. Thanks Ann – all the original art pieces are for sale.. I don’t think Nanci wants to sell her original sketches though.

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