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It’s That Time of Year

It’s That Time of Year

Instead of doing another crochet post, I thought I’d share my sister Carol’s good news.

On March 19, I received an email with pics of the latest additions to her sheep family. Twin girls!  They were born at 5 a.m. to Secret Seven. One weighed 10 lbs 15 oz and the other weighed 11 lbs.

The Mom is Dorset & Corriedale.  She was  bred with an East Friesian & Lacaune dairy ram for these cute little lambs. Carol’s granddaughter, Madison, named them Joy and Snowflake, for now.

I had written about her new sheep acquisition last year here:

Carol is expecting her East Friesan/Lacaune dairy ewe will deliver this week.  Her other two Corriedale & Dorest mix will deliver next month.  She has 9 older sheep and the two babies at the moment.  Three Corriedale & Dorset ewes, three Corriedale  & Dorset wethers and two East Friesian & Lucaune dairy ewes and a East Friesian & Lucaune dairy ram.  She’s hoping to get a Corriedale ram this year.

I hadn’t heard of the Friesian or Lacaune breeds. So, I looked them up.

Evidently, they are both known for their milk being used for gourmet cheeses.  So, my sister plans to milk two of them to make cheese.

While they will be busy with babies, they will also be shearing the sheep soon. Yes, I will be getting fleeces to play with!





A Little Farm Life

A Little Farm Life

I almost forgot to post today. We have had a busy week on the farm. Sundays are farmers Market for us.

bread at marketMy husband bakes bread and we have meat pies and lamb sausages in the freezer off to the left(off screen)  and pickled eggs in the fridge to the right.

It has been a busy week. I set up to do some dying but never go to it.

det up fpr dyeing I di manage to get some carding done for the Twist Festival this month.

batts for twist 2 batts for twist

After market today we separated the rams. We do not want lambs born at Christmas time. Tex on the left and Burt on the right.

Tex Burt

This is the future Ram. Poor guy has no name. Do you know a good name for him?

new ram

This week we also got a new old tractor. Ford Super Major 5000.

new old tractor

The early apple tree is almost ready for picking. It looks like a good crop this year. Maybe I will get some cider.


That’s a few of the things that have happened on the farm this week. I will try not to forget (almost) to post when it’s my turn next. Have a great week every one.




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