And then it all went wrong.

And then it all went wrong.

I have been making some tea cozies  ready for fall shows. While I was having a visit at my friend Maureen’s I came across one of her samples and used it for inspiration for texture on a tea cozy.

the inspiration.

I really liked the contrast of the orange and the blue and the purple silk on top. I picked 2 shades of orange and 2 shades or blue and laid them out separately.

layers ready to felt

I wanted a different shape to the cut outs and some movement across the piece. I cut the resists out of some thin floor underlay.

side one

I wrapped the orange around the resist and wet it down before adding the resist for the texture. I then added on the blue piece, wet it down and flipped it.

side two

This is the second side with the resist in place.  It all looked very promising. I spent a lot of time rubbing this piece, especially in the holes of the resist. When the whole thing started to shrink I decided to cut out the resists to continue fulling. The first cut out wasn’t so bad

side one cut close up

They cut out but they are just barely attached. Then I did the other side. That is when it all went wrong.

side two cut

Most of the pieces were not attached at all. I think the problem is the resist was to thick and the holes were to small. I have all the pieces so I think I will needle felt them on and then finish the fulling. I was disappointed but nothing ventured nothing gained.

23 thoughts on “And then it all went wrong.

  1. Oh no! Take heart from the fact that most of the people reading your tale of woe will be able to understand because something similar has happened to them!

    I like the way you cut the resists and placed them – they really do suggest movement. I reckon a clever bit of needle felting will sort things out though – looking forward to seeing the finished thing.

  2. So disappointing when this sort of thing happens and I think I might have uttered a few unprintable words. 🙁 A needle felted rescue should ensure all is not lost and on a positive note, we learn by our mistakes. 🙂

  3. It is frustrating if things go wrong. When I make patterns using a resist I always cut out the pattern right at the end after completely fulling the piece. Usually I use a thin (approx 2 mm) thick resist). I’m sure you will be able to rescue the piece.

    1. I think thinner would have worked much better. I was thinking of easily finding it. I wanted the shapes to shrink some so the orange would show through really well.

  4. Yeah, I had something similar not so long ago, it was meant to be fibre spilling out of slots, it looked like a demented robot 🙂 But that 2nd to last photo is great, looks like burning lava flow 🙂

    1. Its funny how you picture it in your mind and the reality is completely different. Yes, like they show you on TV when someone goes traipsing up a volcano for fun.

  5. Yep, we’ve all been there, even with the best effort sometimes the layers just don’t attach as well as expected but needle felting has rescued quite a few of my pieces from similar situations and this cosy looks like it will be stunning when finished so definitely worth the extra effort!

  6. Yes, we have all been there. My worst mistake was using pre-felts of uncertain composition…some wool but maybe not all wool. Needle-felting to the rescue! Trying new felting techniques is a plus, even when they go wrong.

    1. Yes it’s fun to try new things. As long as you can work something out with them even if it’s not quite what you planned all ends well.

  7. I hope the needle felting does the trick because it’s a really cool design and color. I’ve had my share of disappointments as well. I wish needlefelting had been the answer for the last one. It was more of a design and operator problem. 🙂

    1. Thanks Marilyn. I have stuff that no amount of needle felting is going to fix too but if all else fails You can cut them up to use on something else or in the middle of felt balls.

  8. I have been playing with tea copies too, I tried to make one to look like an elephant, result? The ugliest thing I have ever made! Cut it up and ended up with a pot holder. Learned a couple of things though.

  9. Sorry things didn’t work out as planned but I think the needle felting fix will do the trick. I do like the look of it and I agree with Zed’s assessment of the lava flow 🙂

  10. I really like the design and the colors you chose. It really makes the design pop! Although, I haven’t tried anything like this I did learn something from your post. I hope you post the finished cozy once you needle felt the pieces. I’d really like to see the end result. 🙂

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