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And then it all went wrong.

And then it all went wrong.

I have been making some tea cozies  ready for fall shows. While I was having a visit at my friend Maureen’s I came across one of her samples and used it for inspiration for texture on a tea cozy.

the inspiration.

I really liked the contrast of the orange and the blue and the purple silk on top. I picked 2 shades of orange and 2 shades or blue and laid them out separately.

layers ready to felt

I wanted a different shape to the cut outs and some movement across the piece. I cut the resists out of some thin floor underlay.

side one

I wrapped the orange around the resist and wet it down before adding the resist for the texture. I then added on the blue piece, wet it down and flipped it.

side two

This is the second side with the resist in place.  It all looked very promising. I spent a lot of time rubbing this piece, especially in the holes of the resist. When the whole thing started to shrink I decided to cut out the resists to continue fulling. The first cut out wasn’t so bad

side one cut close up

They cut out but they are just barely attached. Then I did the other side. That is when it all went wrong.

side two cut

Most of the pieces were not attached at all. I think the problem is the resist was to thick and the holes were to small. I have all the pieces so I think I will needle felt them on and then finish the fulling. I was disappointed but nothing ventured nothing gained.