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Fixed Tea Cozy

Fixed Tea Cozy

If you remember my post about the tea cozy that went wrong, and-then-it-all-went-wrong I have now fixed it. First I had to needle felt the pieces that fell off, back on. I only needled the middles so I would still get the cracked mud effect. The hardest part was placing the pieces in the right places.

needle felted 2 needlfelted peices

This is what the inside looked like.

neddle felted inside

The next step was to tape it all again. I didn’t want the edges to felt down flat.

adding the tape

I did trim the pieces that were touching so they would not felt together again. I rewet the whole thing and started fulling.  Lots of rolling on my washboard to get it well shrunk and stiff enough.

It turned out really well.

finnished finnished 2


And a better angle so you can see the texture.

finnished 4 finnished 3


so disaster averted and all is well. Now I am back to getting ready for the Twist festival this coming  weekend. Twist    If you can make it make sure to drop by and visit me in booths 57 and 58.




And then it all went wrong.

And then it all went wrong.

I have been making some tea cozies  ready for fall shows. While I was having a visit at my friend Maureen’s I came across one of her samples and used it for inspiration for texture on a tea cozy.

the inspiration.

I really liked the contrast of the orange and the blue and the purple silk on top. I picked 2 shades of orange and 2 shades or blue and laid them out separately.

layers ready to felt

I wanted a different shape to the cut outs and some movement across the piece. I cut the resists out of some thin floor underlay.

side one

I wrapped the orange around the resist and wet it down before adding the resist for the texture. I then added on the blue piece, wet it down and flipped it.

side two

This is the second side with the resist in place.  It all looked very promising. I spent a lot of time rubbing this piece, especially in the holes of the resist. When the whole thing started to shrink I decided to cut out the resists to continue fulling. The first cut out wasn’t so bad

side one cut close up

They cut out but they are just barely attached. Then I did the other side. That is when it all went wrong.

side two cut

Most of the pieces were not attached at all. I think the problem is the resist was to thick and the holes were to small. I have all the pieces so I think I will needle felt them on and then finish the fulling. I was disappointed but nothing ventured nothing gained.

A Demo and Coffee Press Cozies

A Demo and Coffee Press Cozies

This last week I helped out at a demo at the Ottawa Valley Weavers’ and Spinners’ Guild. A women’s group had asked for a tour and demo.

Alison is explaining how a spinning wheel works

alison and wheel

Kathleen is talking about he guild and Sam is waiting to talk about fiber prep. I made a felt display on the table. I chatted about felt and demonstrated the drop spindle.

sam and kathleen

I also made some more coffee press cozies. Those are sheep not fallen clouds, LOL

coffee press cozies

And more cup cozy sleeves. That should be enough now.

finished tube cozies 3 finished tube cozies 2

I need to make a few more tea cozies. this is the first one laid out and ready to felt.

sheep tea cozie start





More Tea Cozies.

More Tea Cozies.

As promised I will show you the finished tea cozies.

This one is reversible so you can have it red for Christmas if you like. there is no reason you couldn’t put a design on the “inside” if you liked. I just didn’t think about it until after. This one would fit most medium sized tea pots.

tea cozy orange tea cozy orange other side

This one I made so you don’t have to take it off to pour your tea. It is much more fiddly and I finished the edges with blanket stich. I also have to put a button and loop for under the handle. With felt having no stretch it won’t go over the handle other wise. I made this one thinner too. It was mostly because I wasn’t sure it was going to work and hate wasting wool on something that doesn’t work.

tea cozy black

Then I made one for my french press. I didn’t want the coffee drinkers to feel left out. It will be good to have as the only time we use a french press is when the power is out.

coffie cozy

Do you use tea cozies? I only use them when the power is out. The rest of the time my teapot sits on the stove.


Draw Winner and a To Small Tea Cozy.

Draw Winner and a To Small Tea Cozy.

The winner of the Nuno Felt Bracelet Kit is Kate Whyte, Congratulations.


I am holding a tea cozy class in February. I know how to make a basic tea cozy but thought I would try some different shapes for different tea pots.  This is one to a little oriental tea pot.


Here is the template I made. You can see that I traced the teapot and then added to that. The plan was to cut the handle section out and use it to fold over the lid and hold with a button and make a hole for the spout.


Here it is ready for its  rub and roll

tea cozy 2

and this was after a little rolling with the resist out.

didn't shrink

You can see it hasn’t  shrunk much but it just barely fits the teapot. I drastically underestimated how fat my little tea post is. I did not allow nearly enough room to go around it and have shrinkage.  I didn’t measure, I was being lazy and paid for it.   Oh well live and learn.  I have some other tea cozies partially made. We will see how I did with them when they are done.


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