Draw Winner and a To Small Tea Cozy.

Draw Winner and a To Small Tea Cozy.

The winner of the Nuno Felt Bracelet Kit is Kate Whyte, Congratulations.


I am holding a tea cozy class in February. I know how to make a basic tea cozy but thought I would try some different shapes for different tea pots.  This is one to a little oriental tea pot.


Here is the template I made. You can see that I traced the teapot and then added to that. The plan was to cut the handle section out and use it to fold over the lid and hold with a button and make a hole for the spout.


Here it is ready for its  rub and roll

tea cozy 2

and this was after a little rolling with the resist out.

didn't shrink

You can see it hasn’t  shrunk much but it just barely fits the teapot. I drastically underestimated how fat my little tea post is. I did not allow nearly enough room to go around it and have shrinkage.  I didn’t measure, I was being lazy and paid for it.   Oh well live and learn.  I have some other tea cozies partially made. We will see how I did with them when they are done.


15 thoughts on “Draw Winner and a To Small Tea Cozy.

  1. Congratulations, Kate!
    Ann, I can’t tell how big the tea pot is, but there are tiny ones around, my sister got me a ‘one cup’ tea pot, which sits on the little tea cup, it may fit one of those 🙂

    1. It is a small tea pot meant for those tiny little Chinese green tea cups. It’s a little more than a decent sized cup of tea. If I finish fulling it, It will fit a child’s tea set.

  2. Congratulations Kate 🙂
    Ann I love your little teapot and your comments. can relate to not measuring ( cutting corners and just going with the flow, and yes possibly being lazy) and paying the price, sometimes disaster and sometimes success, always new discoveries. Learning whatever the outcome. Live and learn indeed.

  3. Zed’s right – you haven’t made it too small at all – you’ve just made it for a different teapot that you don’t have to hand right now!

  4. Congrats to Kate!

    And congrats to you, Ann – now you’ll have to add to your collection of teapots, getting one that fits your cozy. That’s the way the world works 🙂

  5. Congratulations Kate!

    Ann, the cozy looks good. Its better to have a happy mistake than not. I think it’s always hard to determine the volume of an object unless you use a cloth tape measure and figure that into the size of the resist. I look forward to seeing all the cozies.

  6. Congratulations to Kate – your luck has changed 🙂

    I think the tea cozy looks like a hat. Perhaps it could be a hat for a doll whose nick name was Tea 🙂

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