More Tea Cozies.

More Tea Cozies.

As promised I will show you the finished tea cozies.

This one is reversible so you can have it red for Christmas if you like. there is no reason you couldn’t put a design on the “inside” if you liked. I just didn’t think about it until after. This one would fit most medium sized tea pots.

tea cozy orange tea cozy orange other side

This one I made so you don’t have to take it off to pour your tea. It is much more fiddly and I finished the edges with blanket stich. I also have to put a button and loop for under the handle. With felt having no stretch it won’t go over the handle other wise. I made this one thinner too. It was mostly because I wasn’t sure it was going to work and hate wasting wool on something that doesn’t work.

tea cozy black

Then I made one for my french press. I didn’t want the coffee drinkers to feel left out. It will be good to have as the only time we use a french press is when the power is out.

coffie cozy

Do you use tea cozies? I only use them when the power is out. The rest of the time my teapot sits on the stove.


15 thoughts on “More Tea Cozies.

  1. A cosy for a French press? I love it 😀 I don’t have a teapot, I use French presses instead when I make a lot of tea, otherwise I’m just drinking off a regular mug… I’l need to think of a cosy for mine 😀

  2. I like the idea of a reversible tea cosy and the pretty one with the handle and spout sticking out is very much like the knitted cosies that were around when I was a child (happy tea-time memories that brought back).

    You can’t beat a felted cosy for keeping a tea-pot warm – I still use, every day, one that I made in 2008, so that proves that they are also good value for money!

    I think a cosy for your french press is a good idea because the coffee goes cold quickly in those glass jugs (they are usually called ‘cafetieres’ this side of the pond) and the picture you’ve felted in on the side is wonderful.

    1. Thanks Lyn. That was my quick attempt at a coffee mug. I used some prefelt for that. I think I will find some scrap booking or applique patterns to use. I can remember having a crocheted tea cozy with red flowers on it.

  3. Great tea cozies Ann! I don’t actually drink much tea and usually just make one cup at a time if I do. It would be good to have a warmer for my cup because I usually forget I made myself a cup of tea and then it’s cold by the time I remember to drink it 🙂

    1. Thanks Ruth, I think maybe for your and Zed’s cup cozies you had better put sum silk or something inside you may bet some extra fiber in your diet. 😉

  4. Great collection of tea cozies! I’m a coffee drinker ( iced tea drinker in the summer), so I won’t have use for a tea cosy but it’s a great idea for one of my sisters who loves her tea.

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