Small Bags

Small Bags

I have been listening to audio books on my phone. It’s a great way to “read” a book and still get some work done. The problem was that I am moving around. In and out of the kitchen or one end to the other of the studio and kept moving in and out of hearing range. I decided I needed a little bag so I could pop my phone in it plug in my ear phones and no more problem.

I made 3 little bags . Sorry I took no pictures of them being made.

This one I used oval shaped beads with and orange stripe for the petals of the flower. When I cut the holes to reveal the beads I cut one of them to large. The bead was staying in but only just. So I got out some orang embroidery thread and put some stitches all around to secure it. I did the rest so it looks like I did it on purpose.

green bag web greenbag stitching web

This one I want to embroider but haven’t decided how yet.  Maybe a couple of rows of yarn stitched along the edge of the spiral. The pin is just holding the flap shut for the picture

purple bag web

This last one I plan to either needle felt or embroider on some sheep.

sheep bag web

It will make a nice match for my name tag and my business card holder. The strap on the card holder is some of the first silk I ever spun. It whole bag is looking a little worn. It has been living in my purse for most of 10 years so I shouldn’t complain.

name tag web biz card holder web

I haven’t figured out what to do about straps for the bags yet. Felt ropes or some sort of webbing or woven strap. I don’t want it to cut into my neck when I am wearing it. What do you suggest?

20 thoughts on “Small Bags

  1. These bags are all lovely, my favourite one is the last one with sheep. The beads can be quite tricky and if they have a rounded shape it is difficult to fix them. I used them only once or twice but mine were like cabochons, with flat bottom which I first glued to a piece og gauze and then put wool on the top.

    1. Thank you, sheep are my favourite theme. The beads are flat on the bottom. Maybe gluing them to something so they would “nuno felt” in would make them more secure.

  2. Yes, I like the sheep too!
    Have you considered not wearing it around your neck, but making a waist strap instead? Then it would not be dangling in your way whilst working.

    1. A waist strap does make some sense. I so seldom have a belt or even a pocket these days. When and why did they stop putting pockets in things? No I sound old: back in my day we had pockets in everything. LOL

  3. The bags are very useful, and I adore the sheep! I found myself in the same situation this week–away in the Ozarks with no stereo system–wanting to listen to music on my ipod but having it get in the way or dangle and trip me up. So I improvised a small bag to put the iPod in and connected it with a soft felt cord. It’s not as gorgeous as your bags, but It works!

  4. These are all great Ann. I like the stitching around the beads even if it wasn’t originally planned. I think Lyn’s idea of a waist strap is good. Then you could just use a belt. You’d just need to add a place on the back/side to put the belt through.

  5. They’re all nice, Ann 🙂
    I made a couple recently for my camera, I used cord I bought for one, and the other I added a loop to wear on my belt. You could always make a felt version of those things that go on shoulder straps, so you could slide it to where yo need it. I don’t know if they have a name, but I’m picturing it looking something like those leather things with sticks for tying hair up (that actually worked in google!), these:
    Make a felt version to slide on the cord/strap.

    1. Thanks, I looked at the picture but I am still not sure what you mean. Like a cross shoulder strap that you can slide the case on? or a strap with holes you put the stick through to hold it in place?

    2. No. Sorry, I can’t think how else to explain it. It mustn’t be a thing there. You have a bag strap, like a cord, and slide something wider onto it, it stops the strap digging into your shoulder.

  6. Loved the beads, Ann! As for straps, if you’re not planning on wearing anything heavy, I’d say a felt one shouldn’t feel uncomfortable. Let us know what you decide to do!

  7. I love all of them and the fact they are all so different. You could wear a different one everyday! Let us know how you resolve the wearing issue.

    1. So far I am liking Zed idea. it would get it up out of water height if I was felting. Maybe put a clip too so it can go on a belt loop.

  8. For the strap you could use 4 pieces of yarn and put through the front twister = niece looking twisted cord

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