This and That…

This and That…

I had been traveling during the holidays and on the return home I had to start working on baby shower favors for the shower I’m throwing in California for my daughter in law later this month.  It’s an exciting time, but also stressful with additional travels for graduations and birthdays coming up.

One of the first things I did when I returned was to go to The Fold to stock up on fiber.  I needed primary colors to work on the color wheel for our first quarter challenge.

2015-01-25 12.10.41

I also bought some Yak and ramie.

I’m not a pink person, but my first granddaughter will be born soon so I stocked up.  I’ve been making booties for party favors, but I don’t think I bought enough roving.  Thank you to forum member (Tina) Cherry for providing me with the template.

While we were in Hawaii my husband Craig and I  had the opportunity to meet Tina Cherry and her husband for lunch at Duke’s On The Beach.  Thanks for lunch Tina and Stan!  We had a great visit.


2015-01-24 15.09.53

Samples made.

2015-01-20 11.13.22

I wanted one side to be lighter than the other so I proceeded to make batts combining white and pink to lighten the color.

2015-01-24 14.53.58

I made 12 resists. Since I’m not sure how many people will attend the shower, I expect to make extras.  I used two layers. One light and one darker.

Process started.


2015-01-24 14.03.10

Here’s the third side done waiting to put the final layer on.

2015-01-25 16.32.01So far I’ve made 24 experimenting with different ways to speed up the process.  Since we are in the middle of a blizzard here in the Chicago area, I ordered more fiber from Paradise Fibers in Spokane.  I’m hoping it will arrive by Wednesday when I’m sure to be out.  And of course, I have to decide how to decorate and fill them.

Well, back to the resists for round two…







19 thoughts on “This and That…

    1. Thanks Lyn! I just wish there were other workers on the line. 🙂

  1. My goodness, what a lot of booties. And hard work for party favors but I’m sure everyone will love them. Where are your minions when you need them? 🙂

    1. I was wondering the same thing Ruth! It is a lot, more than I expected, but I’m honing bootie skills, although I may never want to make another one again.

    1. Thanks Frances! Great idea, unfortunately I didn’t have anyone close to call on. But I’d definitely enlist that kind of help if I was ever tempted to do it again. 🙂

  2. So many great ideas for helping you with the bootie production! Those truly will be special party favors. Will you be using tiny buttons or ribbons as embellishments?

    1. Thanks Cathy! I’ll be looking for something to decorate with like a button, bow or flower, than I need something to tie the tulle filled with candy. I have to find something the right size.

    1. Judith, I’ve already started dreaming of booties and wondering if I’ll get them all done in time!

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  4. I’m not a pink fan either, Marilyn, but your booties look so cute! I’m sure they’ll be a success 🙂

    I found it very interesting that you should start making them in a 2D format, and only afterwards turn them into a 3D object. It’s amazing how little I know about wet felting! (Yes, I’ve tried my luck at the giveaway, and shared it on my FB page)

    1. Thanks Leonor! It’s all that pod making last year! It’s really is fun to watch something flat turn into into a 3d object. Probably much like watching a pile of roving turning into a cute little Felt Buddy!

  5. Great Idea, Marilyn, you’ve got some patience!
    It’s funny, this ‘pink for girls’ marketing thing is fairly new, and no-one I know likes pink, time to stop inflicting it on the next generation? 🙂

    1. Thanks Zed! I imagine my patience will be spread thin within the next week. The color pink was chosen because the shower theme is pink peonies. There will be no pink bedroom for this little girl at least until she wants it that way.

    1. Thanks! Great play on words. :-). I’m still working on them just a few more days of production. I hope she’s happy I know she’ll be spoiled.

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