The Results are in…

The Results are in…

In an effort to evaluate our marketing plan and see if we were meeting our Felt and Fiber Forum Members needs, we conducted a member and guest survey May 20 though 27.

Overall, the results were good in terms of the satisfaction of our members.  There are a few things we will be working on to make some improvements to enhance the site and information available to members.

Our first question  was “What Brought you to the Felt and Fiber Studio forum/Blog?”  Since we are an online community, it was important to know how people find us.


I added invitation to the list on the graph because several comments we had included that as an option we hadn’t offered on the questionnaire.

For those members who found us on an online search, half of the respondents chose “wet felting” as their search criteria, 25% “fiber,” and 25% used “needle felting.” Other comments included — felting, fibre, fleece,  and wool roving.

93% of the respondents said they were satisfied with the interaction on the forum. Sometimes was the response for 7%.  The comments for “Why not” were,  “I don’t feel I have much to contribute to the conversations, but find them interesting” and “I check in occasionally, but not regularly.”

Meknittingmbers (79%) feel valued.  65% feel their interests are well represented. Friendly and helpful members rated 93%.  Comments requested more information on spinning, weaving, crochet, etc.



One of the most interesting answers for me was the activities members are looking for on the forum.


Comments included “Mixed media is more interesting to me,” and “online classes.”


Participation would be higher if we were able to give our members more time.  100% of the respondents checked this off.  What this tells me is that those regular members somehow make time to visit, while others pop in occasionally when they have a few minutes timeavailable.  Giveaways and classes were also considerations at 8% each.  “A larger membership with increased posts would naturally prompt me to respond more frequently” was a surprising comment for this question.  We’d love to have more members participate, if only we could find a way to give them more time!


92% of Forum members also subscribe to the Blog.  Again time was mentioned in the comments as to why members did not belong to both.

One of the reasons I wanted to do the survey was to see how we could get our members to help us increase our membership and participation.  Here were the results:

promotingAgain there is that power of “word of mouth.”

I was also curious how people felt about the lack of advertising since we make an effort to keep the site uncluttered and supportive of the purpose of the forum without compromising the integrity of the site.  71% liked not having advertising.  29% had no opinion.  However, the comments were revealing — quality fiber related vendors would be welcome. Others commented that the sponsorship banner was a good idea.

What does all this mean?

Generally, it means for those members who responded,  The Felt & Fiber Studio Forum/Blog is doing a good job as a friendly place to share most things fiber enthusiasts care about.  The information gives us a few directions to improve or make changes that would benefit our members and, hopefully, engage our current members to help attract new members and other ways such as Search Engine Optimization clues to drive more online traffic our way.

Can we improve?  Of course!  There are things we will be doing in the future to offer more of what our members want to see and do.  In addition, we will provide some material to promote the forum for anyone who wants to help.


In the mean time, keep telling your friends about us and come by often to share what you’ve been working on with us, offer some tips or let us know how we’re doing.

Our thanks to everyone who took the time to complete the survey!

We hope to see you all on the Forum soon!




16 thoughts on “The Results are in…

  1. Great post, Marilyn. It’s very nice to see our opinions explained in such a visually-friendly way. Looking forward to seeing those little changes in the future!

  2. Yeah, thanks to everyone who completed the survey 🙂
    I’m glad the majority of people are happy with our community and feel part of it. Personally, I’d like to see more techniques and tutorials, even if it isn’t something I actually do myself, it’s really interesting to see the creative process. Judy recently shared her technique of creating a fabric tapestry:
    So, if anyone wants to share anything about their art or has any tutorials, we’d love to see them or feature them.

    1. Thanks Zed! Well put.
      This is an area we will be working on. While there are plenty of resources on the forum, we will be working to making them easier to find and use.

  3. Good explanation of the results Marilyn. It would be great if people posted questions about how to do particular things so we can explain the techniques to get the result they want. It’s hard to know what to post about sometimes. It may be old hat to me so I don’t think about it.

    1. Thanks Ann! We have a lot of great information available, but sometimes it gets buried in a thread. I know I sometimes have seen something about a technique but can’t remember where it was. I think we can find a way to remedy that in the future.

  4. Marilyn, thanks fr the analysis of the survey. I think that all the administrators to this forum are doing a wonderful job and greatly contribute to this international felter’s community. Thanks to each and everyone.

    1. Thank you Nada from all of us! But we also need members like you whom contribute so much to keep things fresh. Thank you!

  5. Terrific post on the Forum survey results! It’s so helpful to see the results mapped out visually (and I secretly love charts and graphs!)

    I also enjoy seeing other members’ experiments, techniques and fiber work, even though–as Zed said–I may not try the methods myself. I think you gain from being part of this community, and in some ways, you get out of it what you put in. In terms of time, I usually begin my day with the forum and a mug of steaming coffee. It can be ten minutes, but sometimes more. I find the blog and forum calming and inspiring.

    Kudos to the staff members who do an outstanding job promoting the art of felting and fibers!

  6. Thanks Cathy from all of us! I think the cameraderie and sharing on the forum is fantastic. It’s wonderful to be part of such a talented group of fiber enthusiasts worldwide. Thanks to all our members for their contributions!

  7. Firstly – many thanks to the ‘fab four’ who put in a lot of time and work to run the forum and make it the success that it is.

    Stats can be very difficult to present without causing the ‘glazing-over-of-eyes’, but I found your report interesting and so easy to understand Marilyn, thanks.

  8. Thanks from all of us Lyn! I believe it is a labor of love for us as you well know. I “glaze” easily so I was going for a mixture of visual and words that might not put you all to sleep. 🙂

  9. Thanks Marilyn and everyone who responded. We appreciate all our members and enjoy providing the forum so it is nice to know how members feel about the service. We will continue to work on making it better!

  10. Really interesting to see the results, well done on the layout and the graphs, I so enjoy this site and everyone’s support, and feel confident in expressing my support too. Great work.

  11. Thanks Carole! We hope more of our members will get involved and will be making a few improvements to try to keep things interesting and valuable to our members.

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