A Felt Beret

A Felt Beret

The other week I decided to make a beret to see if I remembered how as I haven’t made one in years.  They seem to be making a bit of a comeback where I live.

I decided on a nice bright red

side one first side wet

I added some white throwsters waste for some interest

silk on beret silk on beret close up

After some rubbing and rolling I cut a small hole to get the resist out and to make a hole for my head.

cut out for head

The whole stretches easily to the correct size

fulling and stretching the head hole beret finnished

As it turns out a little bigger ( not much) would have been better it is a size small so tight on my head.  I stretched it as much as I could.   Just as well as I do not look good in a beret. I could make it bigger by cutting and adding sewn on brim but I am lazy.

finished beret 1 finished beret 2

I really like how the silk worked. It is quite big but I was thinking the you could put your hair inside it.






16 thoughts on “A Felt Beret

  1. It looks great Ann. I should try one, but I’m not a beret person either. I’m sure you’ll be able to sell it.

  2. Your large beret reminds me of the knit hats that have been so popular in the last few years…I think they call them “slouch” hats, and your hair fits inside it. Cool and trendy!

  3. Definitely a beret for big hair but I don’t think you’ll have any trouble selling it. The white throwsters looks good on the red – very pretty.

  4. I agree that this hat looks like what the kids wear around here. I think you can sell these and I like the red with the throwsters waste. Let us know what your daughter thinks about it.

    1. She says it’s not floppy enough. The ones people are wearing are like a regular knit winter hat you turn up once. They don’t turn it up and let the top hang down off the back of their heads. she thinks people would like this one though. its just not a floppy hat.

  5. Think it looks great. I would like to try it myself. how big was the resist?

    Love the red with the white.

  6. Michele, I can’t find the resist to measure. The finished hat is nearly 13 inches across so the resist would have been 16 or 17 across to start. Smaller would have been better so I would do a 14 or 15 inch resist to start next time I think.

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