Cheese cloth Nuno Felt Experiment.

Cheese cloth Nuno Felt Experiment.

A while back Ruth got some free samples of some cheese cloth  or cotton gauze from Cheese Cloth She dyed some and sent me some samples. I also had a more open weave cheese cloth that I will use so you can see the difference. I thought if I am going to use my time I should make something that will be salable in the end so decided to make bracelets or cuffs so I could easily compare the cottons.

gauze on black
gauze on black
gauze on white
gauze on white

The pink on the left is the sample sent to Ruth and the purple on the right is the gauze I got at a place called Lens Mill in Guelph Ontario. You can see the purple is a much more open weave.

first two samples first two samples wool on

Ruth sent to colour samples. Here is before and after adding the wool.

purple gauze ready to felt purple gauze  2 ready to felt

I did one sample of the purple flat and one scrunched up. You can see my template marks behind the right one.

purple gauze finished purple gauze  2 finnished close

I like the way both these tuned out. they are very different than the tighter weave cotton.

green gause finished close orange finnished orange 2 finnished

I did a scrunched up pink one for comparison. I think I like the scrunched up ones the best. I may add some beads in to folds.  They will be for sale later in the summer once I get some buttons and button holes done.




13 thoughts on “Cheese cloth Nuno Felt Experiment.

  1. I love the vibrant colors and the effect with the wool. I’ve dyed some cheesecloth but didn’t get such bright colors. I haven’t used it and I have some tighter weave cheesecloth to dye as well. I guess I’d better get going. 🙂

  2. These look great Ann. If I remember correctly, I think I ice dyed these with fiber reactive dye powders. I think I like the dark multicolored one best and then the scrunched purple one. Pink is not really my color but those turned out nicely too. I think the scrunched textures really work for the cuffs. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished cuffs.

    1. Thanks Ruth. pink is not really my colour either. Bright colours are popular in the summer though. I wish I knew someone close with a store that would sell them. I am a chicken about going to stores. Oh well I will have to sell them myself.

    2. You should just contact the stores by e-mail Ann. Just send a few photos of your work with pricing listed and ask if they are interested. It’s easier than going in face to face. Usually you can find e-mail/contact info on their websites.

  3. It’s hard to dislike something when the texture is so nice even if you don’t really like the colour! I really like the dark green one for the pattern, and like the first one for the way it sinks in and the others for the textures 🙂

  4. I love the result shown in the last photo – beautiful.
    It is surprising how much the tightness/looseness of the weave affects the appearance of the nuno.

    1. Great Josie. we would love to see what you make. you can post pictures on the felt and fiber studio forum. If you are not been there yet just press the Forum button on the right.

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