Second Quarter Challenge: Stewart Stephenson

Second Quarter Challenge: Stewart Stephenson

As you probably know we have decided to pick a different artists for our quarterly challenges this year. This quarter I have chosen Stewart Stephenson He is a Canadian artist that has a large body of work in a variety of mediums and styles. I think there is something for everyone here.

He has a gallery in Vancouver British Columbia Canada

gallery-img1 stevenson 1 stevenson 3 stevenson 5 stevenson 2stevenson 4

It says he did some sculptures but I couldn’t find any pictures. I even sent them an email asking about them but got no response. If you find some please share them with us. Have fun with this.

Don’t forget there will be a post over on the felting and fiber forum where you can ask questions, discuss and post pictures of what you where inspired to make.


19 thoughts on “Second Quarter Challenge: Stewart Stephenson

  1. He certainly has a variety of styles. I hadn’t heard if him either. This should be fun. Thanks Ann!

  2. Interesting choice Ann. I hadn’t heard of him before either, so if nothing else I’ve already learned of another artist! The second picture down is already singing a siren’s song in my head of felting ideas.but as you say he appears to have quite an eclectic style so there’s bound to be something for everyone here…

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