Felting with friends Weekend- Hats

Felting with friends Weekend- Hats

More on my felting weekend.  We all meat at Maureen’s ( http://www.dreamspinfibres.ca/ ) A great place, she has so much fiber to choose from.

Three of us made hats based on a hat in Judit Pocs video. It seems to be gone from the internet. It was mostly about making a rug.  This is Diane and Susan( http://www.suzannetowns.ca/ ) sizing up a template.

Diane and Susan

They made their hats on the first day. They like a really firm hat so their scaled up the template and added more layers than I do.

laying out fiber laying out fiber 2

more colour and embelishments 3 dianes hat half done 2

Susan added come great colour  and Dian used some resists to reveal some fabric on the layer underneath.

Diane and Susan finnished hats 2

Diane added a string of small felted yarn balls to her hat. The parts that stick down were up to high so the pulled them down and twisted them to get them in a better position.

On the second day I did my hat. I adjusted the pointy parts so they would be lower. and left the pointy top smaller.

my hat ready to felt my hat finished my hat finnished 2

I should have used a different colour yarn for the embellishments. The colour was much to close the hat colour.

Dian made another hat on the second day. I didn’t get any pictures of it in progress. the template was like witches hat.

dianes seconed hat 3 dianes seconed hat 4

I have to give one of these a try. I like the way it is folded in on itself.



26 thoughts on “Felting with friends Weekend- Hats

  1. They are all great. All the shapes are so unique. It definitely had to be fun especially working together! It’s on my list of things to do with about a million others. 🙂

  2. Enjoyed reading your fun weekend-with-friends and hats post! Can you tell me how long it took to felt and full the thicker hats? Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you , Sharing is half the fun. They probably started working on the template about 10 and finished in the late afternoon. They are quite stiff. Mine took a couple hours less start to finish and although it is well fulled and will hold its shape it is not as bullet proof.

  3. It’s fun to felt with others and to be inspired by each other. They’re not only good looking hats but they will actually do the job of keeping heads warm!

    1. Thanks Lyn we need warm hats here for sure. It is great encouraging others and having them encourage you. I was feeling quite uninspired this late in the winter and it has perked me up no end. Now if the snow would just go.

  4. Ann – the hats are all great. It is such fun to work with other felt makers, isn’t it? It looks like you all enjoyed the experience. It makes me want to have another felting retreat here.

    1. Thanks Ruth. It is nice to see how others work. We all do things differently. summers coming Ruth It’s a great time to get together for felting. Once everything is wet you can move outside.

  5. Thanks for sharing this. It must have been fun working with friends, felt makers. Hats are on my list too, but now it is so warm and sunny and I am not thinking of winter yet.

  6. Fab hats Ann, it looks like you had a lot of fun making them 🙂 I wonder if there would be interest in organising similar events through the forum?

    1. Thank you Teri it was a fun week end. You never know until you try Teri. Start a thread let everyone know where and see if anyone is interested in getting together. Maureen has lots of places for guests at her place so it’s easy for us. We all bring some food and drink to share and we have a good time.

  7. Very nice hats indeed! And always interesting to see the template and layout and then the final result. Thanks for sharing the whole process!

  8. They all turned out great and it looks like you all had fun 🙂
    I was just thinking of retrying my hat, and thought I’d use less layers instead of scaling up so much, so it was good to read what you said about less layers/size.

    1. Thanks Zed. When I teach I use 100 grams for a hat with a brim. Divide it in half for each side then divide each side into 4 for t 4 layers.

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