More Fingerless Mitts

More Fingerless Mitts

It’s not very exciting and I fear you may be getting bored with me telling you that I am making fingerless mitts again. Unfortunately other than getting ready for Christmas that is what I am doing. I did finish my exchange gifts and get them mailed off but I can’t show you the pictures until they are received.

These are two I finished yesterday. I have four more pairs in versus stages of being made.

red fingerless mitts 2red fingerless mitts

16 thoughts on “More Fingerless Mitts

  1. I love them. They are very fashion forward! It almost looks like there are gold flecks in the second pair and I love the flared look. Did you put in a thumb hole? Merry Christmas, Linda

    1. the second pair have green silk throwsters waste on them. I was trying to do some Christmassy ones. No thumb hole. It is easier to text without. Mary Christmas to you too.

  2. I really like them Ann. They’re so useful – I should really make some for myself – when I get “a round tuit” – anyone got one? 🙂

    1. Thanks Judith, they have proved to be more popular than I could have imagined. I have one of those in the house somewhere If I find it I will send it to you. LOL.

    1. Hi thank you. I have an empty etsy shop. Not much help. I hope to get some in the store after my last show. I know all about the pre and post Christmas cash shortage.

  3. I have written several comments but none posted. But I do like seeing your mitts and they aren’t boring since they are always different. Love the throwsters waste on the second pair.

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