Third Quarter Challenge – Lyn’s Entry

Third Quarter Challenge – Lyn’s Entry

Today’s post is by Lyn from rosiepink

Yacht Heeling
Yacht Heeling

I enjoy the Studio Challenges because they encourage me to try different things.  Karen’s challenge for this quarter is ‘Mixed Media’  and after spending a day on Lepe Beach during Cowes Week, I just had to do a yacht.

My husband likes painting so I thought a joint project would be fun.  I gave him a rectangle of machine-made white felt  (45cm x 33cm /18″ x 13″) and asked him to paint a sea/sky background using water colours.  I thought water colours would look good on white felt, sort of fuzzy and pretty, and it did look good … but as it dried the paint sunk right down into the felt!

He painted the background again… then we sadly watched it fade as before.

We stared at the felt, and had a think, then decided to try watered down acrylic paints.  It looked lovely but we weren’t going to stand by and nervously watch.  We decided to be proactive.  Out came two hairdryers and we blow-dried the watery paint on the felt as quickly as possible.  Success!

I cut a hull and sails from beautifully textured, shiny dupion silk then laid the pieces onto the painted background.  Yuk.  It didn’t look good.  So I tried other ideas such as using scraps of handmade felt and various fabrics.  Nothing seemed to work so I pushed it to the edge of the table and even considered abandoning the idea.

My room was a real mess because I’d got out so much of my stash searching in vain for just the right thing.  I took a deep breath and started to tidy, and that’s when serendipity happened.  A scrap of lightweight interfacing material somehow landed on the painted sea.  It looked good.  It wasn’t too heavy, as the other fabrics and felt had been, it would be easy to stitch into place and I could colour it.

yacht spinnaker in the water - small imageI cut out the shapes I needed then ran ‘messy’ free stitching over the interfacing until I was happy that it looked like a yacht heeling.  I considered leaving the interfacing unpainted (and I wish I’d taken a photo at that stage) because it had a delicacy about it that I liked, but I’d planned on having a colourful spinnaker so I applied water colours to the interfacing.  I used an almost dry brush because I thought that if I made the colours too solid they would overpower the background.

When I’d finished, my husband added a little more white acrylic paint to the bottom of the spinnaker and the hull of the boat.

I liked working on the joint project but it wasn’t easy on my ears.  My husband sails so he felt obliged to impart his knowledge by frequently pointing out that my stitching of the yacht wasn’t anywhere near technically correct!

Thank you Karen – I’ve benefited a lot from your challenge.

10 thoughts on “Third Quarter Challenge – Lyn’s Entry

  1. If this was your first experiment with Mixed Media, I would say you did quite well. The more you do this, the better you get at finding unusual effects from different materials. Good job. I am almost finished with mine also.

    1. Thank you Judy. I agree that experimentation is the only way forward and it really is fun when you discover new ways with familiar materials.

  2. What a great experience! It’s lovelier knowing what it took to get the finished piece. Thanks for sharing the experience as well as the MM piece.

    1. Thank you Marilyn. I just wish I’d taken some photos along the way so that I could have shared more – but hindsight is 20/20 as they say!
      I think we can all learn from each other’s making experiences and this blog and forum are good for that.

  3. Thanks for this post Lyn – I love hearing about the experimentation, the highs and the lows. It is interesting working with your hubby as they always seem to have different opinions, methods and ways of working, don’t they? I love the effect that you got with the interfacing. I have started on the challenge but hope to finish it this week. You’ve given me the inspiration I need to finish!

  4. Thank you Ruth. Husbands certainly do have their own funny (annoying at times) little ways, but their efforts are definitely appreciated.
    I love reading other people’s background stories – it makes every item or experiment more interesting and often there are valuable tips to be had.

  5. Wow Lyn this is fantastic, thankyou for taking the time to do the challenge and the post and I love that you worked with your Hubby to (even though your ears took a bashing) lol It does look beautiful xoxo

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