Weekend Fiber Show

Weekend Fiber Show

I am back from the weekend at Fibrefest. I took lots of pictures to show you want was there.

First Me. amonte my booth 2 amonte my booth 3 amonte my booth

a bit blurry, sorry. the lady on onside had yarn on a grid system so you could see it. I probably should have set up the opposite way. but I didn’t know what the woman on the other side had at the time.

amonte 8This is 1/2  friends booth. She makes hand spun art yarns.

amonte 16There was a button show.

amonte 22And a vintage clothing show.

amonte 20I even got to try making some bobbin lace.

We were all together this year in one place. we used to be in the museum and the town hall and the Agricultural hall. This year we where in a hockey arena. It was ugly. My sales were down and everyone I asked said theirs where down too.  I don’t know if it was the change of venue, the venue itself  or the economy.  I like the museum much better but the show has grown a lot and they needed the room.

There are more pictures on the forum http://feltandfiberstudio.proboards.com/thread/1067/show?page=1&scrollTo=10417

9 thoughts on “Weekend Fiber Show

  1. Wow, you certainly had a big space and a lot of wonderful merchandise. It looked great. I’m sorry sales weren’t what you expected. Perhaps the new venue had something to do with it. Change is always difficult.

  2. I’d love to have been there! It looks so inviting.

    Shame about the downturn – I wonder if the change of venue was well advertised? Did the weekend clash with something else going on?
    The venue itself wouldn’t have worried me, as a visitor, as a fibre fancier, because once there all I would see would be the goodies.

    1. We have been very lucky here when it comes to the downturn in the economy. I have been hearing for a few years how that sales at shows are way down it never happened here. There where lots of very talented people at the show and I was pleased to see there was more framed fibre art.

  3. I think the venue may have deterred sales. The background signage etc. sure doesn’t look very appealing although the work is beautiful. It detracts from your work and makes it that much harder to sell anything. Hope they get it worked out for next year.

    1. Thanks Ruth, If I can figure out how to tell them without getting them upset I will. The sale has been very good in the past which is why its so disappointing. the old venue was so nice and this one is so ugly. I think it feels like going backwards so feels worse than it is.

  4. Sorry you were a bit disappointed Ann, maybe they could try to find a nice venue for next. I did just see those vintage gowns on your flickr page and they are gorgeous. Everything else looks beautiful to xo

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