Felt fingerless Mitts Experiment

I am still making fingerless mitts for the fall shows. I have a wool batt that was made from the leftover bits or browns and natural wools. It looks like bark to me.

brown/gray/black/white batt

brown/gray/black/white batt

Then I thought I want the mitts to have more texture. So I got out my pile of trimmings.

left overs to roll 2

I gave them a roll

left overs to roll 3

I added them to the mitts in the hopes of making it look more bark like.

wood look cuff wood look cuff 2

I put the scraps under the last layer.

It worked out but I think fatter inserts might be better.

wood look cuff 3

It is not that exciting.  I may have to add something to it, I am not sure what. Maybe some twigs sticking up or a knot hole.

I have some other ideas to try out. I will share them with you as they happen. Theses are a great size for trying things out. If they work you have a salable item and if not you learn something and haven’t lost a lot. I am not good at making things that are just samples, I want it to be useful, crazy I know.

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16 Responses to Felt fingerless Mitts Experiment

  1. craftymadre says:

    I think the fabric looks great! It is really bark-like. I imagine the inserts may help to reinforce them a bit more, too.

  2. I know that this is for mittens, but I really liked the look of those scraps laying on the top of the wool. They looked like my kind of embellishments.

  3. Marilyn Nelson says:

    It definitely reminds me of bark. Perhaps try using different lengths and thicknesses of the inserts would give it a different look. I’m sure you’ll figure it out. It looks good!

  4. ruthlane says:

    I love the look Ann. I think if you changed the lengths a bit more and made it much more random then maybe you’d think it looked more bark like. Perhaps a very small branch with a leaf?

  5. Lyn says:

    Really good texture! And the colour is just right for looking like bark.
    If you make more, then Ruth’s idea to make it look more like bark sounds like a good one.

    • Thank you Lyn. I don’t know if I will do another pair. they look sort of plain beside the other ones i made. If they sell this week end than I will make another pair. :O)

  6. zedster66 says:

    That worked out really well! I like everyone’s ideas too. Maybe if you split some of the pieces in half and left gaps that would create texture going across too, like split/cracked bark?

  7. Billie says:

    I like the color and texture. How about adding some small leaves?

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