Felt Cuffs in Progress

This week I am working on a few cuffs. These will have bubbles in them so they have to start out really long as when I put the marbles in them to get the bubbles they shrink fast.

These are made with commercial prefelt.  Then some silk offcuts from other projects and some throwsters waist

cuffs ready 1 cuffs ready 2 cuffs ready 3 cuffs ready 6

The bottom right picture is the back side of one of these. It is covered in silk throwsters waist. The silk will show up inside the bubbles.

The back ground is prefelt and  a green batt  cut  with my rotary cutter to get the nice neat rectangles. There is throwsters waist and some blue faced leicester curls that I dyed.

cuffs ready 4 cuffs ready 5

Next I wanted to try something different.

cuffs ready 7

The red is a thick piece of prefelt form an other experiment. It wouldn’t stay folded over the curls until after it was wet down but I forgot to take a picture of it. I added some throwsters waist onto the top after I folded it.

Can you tell I was in the mood for throwsters waist?  I do love how it shines and goes all curly. The next time it’s my turn to blog I hope to have them done so I can show you how they turned out.

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8 Responses to Felt Cuffs in Progress

  1. Lyn says:

    Throwsters waste is wonderful stuff – I’m looking forward to seeing these cuffs finished as I think they’re going to be lovely.

  2. zedster66 says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing how they turn out 🙂
    I love throwster’s waste too, I got some really gorgeous colours last time I dyed some. I did have some straight bits that I separated out, I wonder where I put them? 🙂

  3. ruthlane says:

    Cool Ann – I am looking forward to seeing the finished cuffs.

  4. Wow, really gorgeous color and texture. It will be interesting to see them finished.

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