A Fiber Nest

A Fiber Nest

I was planning on posting about my friend Paula’s recent trip to New York City and her visit to several cool fabric shops. But Paula got distracted and didn’t get the photos sent to me. Instead, she sent me photos of a fiber nest that she created. If you’re on the forum, you might know Paula as ‘sula’smom’. Sula is her dog and after a storm, Sula was really interested in something in the yard. Sula’s dad went to check out what was going on and found this:

squirrel 001So he brought it into the house and Paula went into rescue mode.

squirrel 002

Baby squirrel was really cold and barely breathing so Paula got him warmed up.

squirrel 007And put him into a nest of fiber. I do know squirrels really like wool because I had one steal my entire bunch of wool I put out for the birds to use for nests.

squirrel 005Isn’t he the cutest little thing?

squirrel 029He started perking up a bit after he got warmed up and got over the shock of falling from his home.

getting better 002Here’s baby squirrel thanking Sula for finding him.

getting better 001

I hope Paula has all her shots up to date 🙂

dinner 002And now it’s dinner time. I don’t usually post things that aren’t really fiber related but there is the “fiber nest” after all and he was just too darn cute. Yes, I know that you shouldn’t keep wild animals. I’ll let you know the outcome.

Paula sent me more photos as she was trying to get on the forum and couldn’t find her password. So Rocket J or Rocky for short, was helping her.

ForumsquirrelHere’s Rocky trying to help Paula.

forum squirrel 2


He’s looking at the forum trying to find her password.



Oh no! What’s that? Animal fibers? What are you doing with animal fibers?



Rocky got spooked by seeing that category animal fibers and had to retreat to the pocket of safety on Paula’s shirt. Time for a little nap.


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  1. Aaw, that’s gorgeous 🙂
    I wonder if animal rescue centres would like variations on bird pods?

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