Not more Journals :)

Not more Journals :)

Hi Everyone

I think I’ve gone a bit mad on these journal covers and I just wanted to show you the new ones ive made,  I finished off my friend Mary’s Dream Time Journal and passed it over to her, she loves it and looking forward to using it.

Ingredients used lol  are foil, foam, sand paper, mesh, cellophane, paint, bitumen and spirits oh and of course a key


The next one’s are smaller ones but using the same principles with added beads and tiny rocks


I love the effect in the top right hand corner on this one, its were i added in the cellophane and it went nice and crinkly


This last one has corregated cardboard, buttons, steel wool , egg shells, paint, bitumen and spirits and I took this one back a bit more to expose some of the foil underneath,


Ive just given this one a dose of bitumen and i love the effect of the orange cellophane underneath,  once its dry it should be interesting to take off , i think if you click on the pic for a closer look you’ll see what i mean !


Im not sure what i’m going to do with all of them yet and thinking i might just have to have a give away shortly 🙂

I have a couple more going to but haven’t had much time to myself lately and I should have had this post up last week but unfortunately Hubby landed in hospital with pneumonia so everything got waylaid for a while,  He’s home and resting nicely now, or should I say getting spoilt lol   Have to be careful he doesn’t get to used to that lol

Happy Creating 🙂

11 thoughts on “Not more Journals :)

  1. Sorry to hear about hubby – don’t let him get used to being spoiled.

    You have been busy – my favourite is the one with the corrugated cardboard and buttons!

    1. Thanks Lyn I like that one to ! Hes getting quite used to it now so i’ll have to crack the whip soon lol

  2. I like the effect in the second Dream Time one too, Kaz 🙂
    Maybe you should make some to sell? You obviously enjoy making them 🙂

    1. Thanks Zed I do enjoy them but i’m starting to feel that they need something else, dont just want to make the same thing all the time lol you know me lol

  3. Just wondering where you are getting all these ideas from? Are working working from books or magazines? I wouldn’t know where to find some of this stuff. Had no idea that you can use asphalt like this. Just amazing stuff.

    1. Thankyou Judy lol I have to admit i do watch a bit of youtube on mixed media and then i can only work with what i have, i’ve just purchased some yummy things from ebay and waiting waiting waiting so i can sort of expand on what i’ve been doing. I also follow along with some really nice blogs and i dont want to copy anyone but its given me a lot more idea and i’m trying to put my own twist on things lol The next one is much more of a mixed media piece and not a book which i’m loving xoxo

  4. It does look like you are having fun. I like the last one best, with the orange cellophane. Is the bitumen sticky because I would be tempted to bust take the letters down a layer or to and leave the black and orange crinkles they way they are. I agree you should sell them. get yourself and etsy shop.

    1. Thanks Ann It is a little sticky but only till its dry and then you wipe it off anyone so it ends up just like you’ve painted it, its a little smelly to but not to bad. I do have an etsy shop but i havent used it in a long time, i might re-vamp that to and re-open down the track.

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