Small Felt Art

A little while ago I ordered some pendant blanks in a variety of shapes and sizes. They open up so you can put pictures in them but you can see the picture when it is closed.  I made some small art works. I used pieces of felt I already had and needled  and sewed on the designs. Do you recognise the spiral sheep background? It’s the “hole” form the round bird house with the spiral design.

cityscape sheep spiral purple tree abstract 1

You can se about how big they are from the keyboard in the city scale picture. I changed the black and pink sheep into a white and pink sheep before putting it into its locket. The black doesn’t show as well in person as it does in the picture.

locket 1 locket 2 locket 3 locket 4

I didn’t have another round one the right size for the city scape. The one with the purple curls in it is just that, some Blue Faced Leister curls. The locket is about one inch across and I didn’t think I could really make a picture for in it.  I like making these small pieces but now I have to decide what to charge for them.

group locket

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22 Responses to Small Felt Art

  1. Karen says:

    Thats a really great idea Ann and they look really pretty in their pendants, your very clever 🙂

  2. Thank you Karen, I am hoping they will sell. I keep trying to find something to sell in the summer as well as the winter. .

  3. I have made some of these also, and I love them. Never thought about putting them in pendants. Thanks for the idea.

  4. terripike says:

    I love the sheep one! The beads on the abstract one really adds a little something extra. I guess price would depend on the quality of the lockets and/or metal content of the chains.

    • Thank you Terri. I like that one and the city scape best. the lockets aren’t expensive, tin maybe, not silver. I thought I would use some black silky cord for the lockets.

  5. lizseville says:

    I like the tree.

  6. Deb says:

    What a fab idea. They look very nice. They should sell well.

  7. ruthlane says:

    Nice job Ann. You should look at time involved, cost of supplies and your profit added in there. I would say they should sell for at the very least $25-30 US if they have a chain to go with them.

    • Thank you Ruth. That’s what I was thinking for the large ones. I was thinking of $10 for the small one with the curls in it. Do you think a black silky cord would be ok from a sales point of view?

    • ruthlane says:

      Most people have another chain so if they want to change it out they can. I do think it is important to have some sort of cord and the black silk is nice. Do you have a good way to fasten the cord? Unless knots are well done, they sometimes look really clunky. You can buy pretty inexpensive chains at places like

  8. Lyn says:

    Pendants make good sellers – my favourite is the tree.

  9. Thank you Lyn. It’s nice to here they sell well.

  10. koffipot says:

    My favourites are the tree and the abstract, though they are all very pretty. I’m sure these will prove popular Ann, Good lucj with your sales.

  11. zedster66 says:

    They look really good, Ann 🙂
    The cases are lovely.
    I agree with Ruth about having some sort of cord, I’d be wary of chains though, unless you know exactly what you’re getting, a lot of people are allergic to nickel and once it develops it is nasty and hard to control.

  12. irene says:

    I love these.

  13. wendy says:

    these are so sweet, and so tiny!

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