Looking Forward into 2013

Looking Forward into 2013

Like last year I chose not to make a resolution per say but to choose a word.  I could easily make the usual resolutions that would be good for me like loosing weight and getting more aerobic exercise. Although these would be good things to do I know they are not likely to get done. I like to eat and I hate exercise.  A resolution to make myself miserable is not one I want to make.

This year I chose  two words that go together. Explore and Perseverance.


I want to do more “art”. I want to do this with felt. I love to make scarves and hats and other useful things but I would like to make things that are just to look at. Thread painting and free motion embroidery are one of the ways I plan to do this. I love the way stitching looks on felt. So I want to explore some of the possibilities of this to make pictures to hang on the wall and maybe later to wear. This is where perseverance comes in . It will take much effort in my busy life to do this. Not only to find time for felting but to find time to do felt that doesn’t  have a material end. I find it hard to make things that won’t generate income.  I want an end product some one might want to buy. I am getting better at doing things for my sanity with no “real” benefit. I anticipate much self talk about not thinking about the end product but enjoying learning how and being creative. You  know, all that stuff about it’s the journey and not the destination.


I am sure I will be distracted along the way but that’s OK. I am an older ADD person. I am from the generation where they told you to smarten up and buckle down and your just not trying. It’s taken a long time to come to terms with. This is the way I am and it is a good way to be. I have insatiable curiosity so I like to look down all the side streets( allies, paths, through the door, over the fence….)  along the way. It takes longer to get to the end of the road but it is a much more satisfying trip.

From Here to There
From Here to There

I hope you find what you are looking for this coming year and I hope you enjoy hearing about how we are getting along and what we are doing through this Blog and our Forum.

19 thoughts on “Looking Forward into 2013

  1. Love that you go down all the alleys and side streets…me too, takes a while to get somewhere, and since I talk to everyone along the way it takes even longer…I learn lots of new and interesting things about a variety of subjects. Thanks for a great post!

    ~ Nancy

  2. Great Post Ann, i hope you do get to explore all those new and exciting ideas and i look forward to seeing you create some awesome art, again xoxoxo

  3. I, too, go down all the paths and it makes life so interesting. Although it is harder in some ways not to work in just one area but that is the way I am and I accept it. Think I am ADD too. My daughter was also. Felting is so wonderful and I am blessed to have had a couple lessons and for this blog. Happy New Year. Linda Spreen

    1. Linda one of the reasons I love felt is you can do so many things and go in so many directions and combine it with other things. works well with The ADD. I found out when my son was diagnosed. Apparently that is when most women get diagnosed.

  4. I’m with you Ann – I could do with dropping a few pounds (well, ok, a few stones) and I really should exercise more, but there’s no point in setting unrealistic resolutions and then beating yourself up because you didn’t achieve them.

    Your words sound like a much better idea!

    You say that you find it difficult to make things that don’t generate income, but that you want to make wall art.
    Well, you could have both at the same time.
    Wall art does sell. But make what you would like to hang in your own home and then you have a win-win situation. If it sells you have income – if it doesn’t sell you have a pretty achievement on your wall.
    Have you seen Aileen Clark’s blog? Aileen produces very pretty felt art then turns it into prints, calendars, notebooks etc. http://www.aileenclarkecrafts.com/

    The felting that you want to try this year could generate income for you.

    1. My daughter wanted to know how i stay “mom shaped” when making felt can be such a work out. I hope to buy the embroidery foot today so I can play. what I am doing with Ruth’s challenge at the moment is sorting out my work space. I have already found some thing I had forgotten about and the felt I was looking for to make a new lamp shade. That’s a great blog. I love the felt under the glass jewelry I will have to find some of those. I’ve added her to my blog reader.

  5. Those are both wonderful words Ann. I think persevere is the most important. Just keep trying and doing and the exploring part will happen on its own. I can’t wait to see how you like the embroidery foot and the stitching on felt. That’s one of my favorite things to do. As soon as I finish my class, I will be moving in that direction also in between yurt making sessions 🙂

    1. I think perseverance is going to be the most important one as well. No embroidery foot so far but I have to go out again so I will try somewhere else. It does look like a lot of fun

  6. Great words and plans, Ann 🙂

    I like Lyn’s advice. Also, the smallest piece of felt can look perfect in the right frame. You can always start off small, make one or two extra small pieces in the colour schemes you are using for your scarves etc, that way you aren’t getting a whole load of extra supplies out or taking too much extra time.

    1. I did ask Aileen once, I think she gets them from etsy, I can’t remember which store though

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