New Covers

New Covers

New Covers and a good laugh  🙂

So ok im listening this time and decided to do the inside out version,

laying out the fibres I wanted to eventually be on the outside and then I covered them with white fiber (which i forgot to take a pic )  not thinking that the white would end up on the outside, instead of the inside

I used silk threads and hand spun yarn

I thought this green would be over the top embellishments,  my brain really wasnt working 🙂 This had to be turned inside out which was right way round  haha

 This color should have been on the inside when you opened it up

And because I was only thinking about the actual embellishments and confusing myself  a lot, I ended up doing the opposite,   The white on the outside and the colors on the inside

I  couldn’t believe I got so confused with the ins and outs lol

So now I have a white cover and you cant see the inside at all , but i like it so all is not lost 🙂

So now  the next one I was way more careful and and started out with some silk threads

And added the  same color all over the embellishment, front and back and  i thought i was being smart or i really didnt want to get confused again,    Until !!!

 I forgot which side I actually put the threads on so it was pot luck as to which side I cut for the opening

Lucky i got that bit right and cut the correct side  lol  The finished cover

Both covers together  and now i feel like this is a challenge that im not giving up on. I’ll get these covers right if its the last thing i do 🙂

 I know i’ll  end up with covers coming out of my ears and sitting on the shelf  but it’s the principle now and its not going to beat me !!!!

I’m also having a play with rust dying from Ruths last post on a piece of gauze,  I’m using a rusty nail spike that my hubby collects to learn his Blacksmithing with,  he makes knives out of these spikes the old school way,!

So we’ve both had a good laugh this week at my expense ,and hubby telling me that its upstairs for thinkin luv 🙂    but i’ve thoroughly enjoyed it anyway and there’s always the next one 🙂

14 thoughts on “New Covers

  1. Don’t worry, it’s a female thing this confusing inside/outside business – just like left and right. If I’m driving and approaching a ‘T’ junction and my husband instructs me to ‘turn left’, he has a 50/50 chance of my turning the correct way!

    Anyway, full marks for perseverance and getting there in the end and producing some pretty covers, and I’m looking forward to seeing the results of the rusty experiment.

    1. Thanks Ann xo I like the first one best to, but if i had have known i was going to get so confused with which color goes where, i would have made the embellished fibres a lot softer looking xo

  2. I’m glad it’s not just me! I was looking at Judith’s slippers the other day and thinking I’d get that all backwards if I tried 🙂
    Just a few more covers, Kaz and you could start a stall 🙂
    They’re all looking good.
    I have some rusty bike parts to try the rust dyeing too.

    1. lol Thanks Zed I didnt have to try to get it backwards, that came naturally lol Looking forward to seeing your rust dying to 🙂

  3. Working inside out is challenging at first, I’ve had a few disasters and learned the hard way, which is often the best way to remember! :\

    Another problem is remembering which side to cut! Now I put a small piece of contrasting fibre on each layer on the side I need to cut, then I can flip and rub to my hearts content without losing the plot.

    Look forward to seeing the results of the rusty nail experiment. 🙂

    1. Thankyou Judith Lesson learnt here is to concentrate and focus, i’ll be putting some sort of marker in the next one, have no fear lol

  4. They look great Karen! I think everyone has trouble with figuring the inside out thing when you first start. I was going to suggest marking the side that needs to be cut with a different colored wool but Judith beat me to it.

    Can’t wait to see the rusting experiment. Hope it gives lots of wonderful color.

  5. Glad to find that I am not the only one that gets muddled up with the inside/outside sometimes 🙂 must remember that tip about marking the cutting side. These look great, well felted and nice and firm, felting it all as one then cutting the opening seems the best way as it keeps it all stronger and tighter.
    Impressed (and keen to try) the rusty dying too, Your husband must be a creative sort to be able to turn those nails in to knives.

    1. Thanks so much Jane I do really like making them this way, once all the confusion stops i think i’ll do ok lol I hope the rust dying turns out good, i’m so keen to peek but dont want to disturb anything, when i unravel i’ll take a pic of his knives to , he’s pretty clever 🙂

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