Even more Natural Wools and Fibres

Even more Natural Wools and Fibres

Earlier this year, I made a piece of felt intending to make a notebook cover out of it. The base is natural grey Merino and on the top there is: crimped viscose; black viscose top; banana fibre; hemp; soybean fibre and top; milk protein fibre; black and white bamboo top; ramie; ingeo; flax; silk top; egyptian cotton and cotton gauze.

I’d really like to use a yarn or thread spun from natural grey wool to sew it up, preferably not too expensive. If anyone knows anywhere selling natural yarns, I’d be really grateful to know 🙂

Every now and again, I like to try felting with things found in the garden. A while ago I tried bamboo leaves between layers of felt which turned out really well. I also tried some pampas grass flowers (Cortaderia) at the same time, and was surprised how well that felted with very little anchorage. The pampas is felted to the surface and on this piece is just artistic/decorative, it wouldn’t stand up to handling etc.

I don’t know what plant I used in the third piece, it is some little branches from a tumbleweed my girlfriend saw while out walking her dog and brought home for me. I love the way it looks held up to the light, it almost looks stitched.


*** Sorry for the lay out and the use of the carousel yet again. I did originally format the post so that the photos appeared between the text in the relevant places, but, like Ann last week (and me every time I try to include photos) what was published was nothing like how it was originally layed out. After 3 attempts to get it to stay how I write it, I’m giving up. To see larger photos, click ‘permalink’ under the photos in the carousel.

12 thoughts on “Even more Natural Wools and Fibres

  1. The tumbleweed (held up to the window) is fascinating!

    The felted notebook cover is lovely (very classy actually) and I think the ‘before felting’ photo has a charm of its own.

    1. Thanks, Lyn 🙂
      I love to take before and after photos and flick back and forth, there is something nice about the before fluffiness.

  2. it looks great Zed. How dry were the plant sample before you felted them? You know, you could spin your own gray fiber to sew up your book cover.

    1. Thanks, Ann 🙂
      The plants were completely dry before felting. I do spin my own thread for some sewing projects, but I only have a drop spindle and my eyes are dodgy so it’s really hard. I’d love to have a large supply of natural threads because I’d love to use natural wools more for projects.

  3. Zed – you could try linen thread. I think it would work really well with the natural, minimalist feel of your notebook cover. It’s also great for embroidery. I got some from one of the shops on Goldhawk Road for £2, but if you Google it I’m sure you can find other suppliers.

    1. Thanks for that 🙂
      I googled it and saw some nice natural looking ones, I’ll see if I can get some, even if it doesn’t suit this, it will something else

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