A New Bag

A New Bag

A New Bag

Ok so im trying again to felt another bag but this time I’m a lot happier with the outcome, I still have a long way to go but I think I’m getting there

I started out with a full batt of Alpaca for the inside and then used BFL, Merino, silks,  silk waste and a touch of nylone that Zed sent me.  This has about 6 layers and hours and hours of rolling and rubbing that i ended up putting it in the washing machine, I wanted it thick and I wanted a nice thick handle so I felted a rope,  doubled it over and gave it a twist, then just a loop for the closure.

I still cannot get the open top nice and even and I’ve ended up turning it over and blanket stitching it in place, I have the thing for straight edges and this is something I cannot do as yet lol

You can see what I mean by this pic, it’s a bit wonky so I’ve tried to turn it over to sit a bit more even

All the bits ready to put together, I didn’t take pics of the start and that’s mainly because I really didn’t think it would work out.  I have a lot of faith in myself don’t I lol

 I like this side better so its now the front.

I do seem to have created a seam on the bottom but I’m hoping that will wear down as it wears in, I ironed it flatter so it would sit better  and Yes I’m definitely using this bag as I really like it

I love how the handle is super strong.  I’m not usually a bag person and I would have like it a little bit deeper to but  i’m still happy, Plus it’s the first one I can actually use !!

The largest button I had was this black one but I will be on the look out for something more suitable

And the back

Hopefully my next attempt will be even better !!!!!

12 thoughts on “A New Bag

  1. I think that looks fantastic, like how you have made the twisted handle and the flowers on the front just add a nice detail.

  2. That’s a really pretty bag – the handle is lovely feature, as is the closure, and the flowers are a good finishing touch. Love the colours!

  3. That’s really nice, Kaz 🙂
    I love the texture, it must be really thick! The flowers are a nice touch, too.

    1.   Thanks Zed, It is a nice texture, i wish you could see your nylon in it though it gives a really nice sheen 🙂

       —–Original Message—– >

    1. Oh yes zed and it does give a nice sheen to it. I only used it in small areas and my camera skills are still to be determined but i can see it lol

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