Dyeing a Color Wheel

Dyeing a Color Wheel

Usually, when I dye, I don’t have the patience to dye the full color wheel. I end up picking colors at random and mixing a variety of colors, usually ones that I neutralize. Then I either end up with threads or fiber that’s all in the same color range or colors that I probably won’t use ever.

Recently, my friend Carole gave me 60 skeins of #5 Perle cotton threads. What an amazing gift, thanks Carole! When I was considering dyeing the threads, I decided that since I had so many threads, I would try dyeing a color wheel. I already had the Procion MX Dyes mixed up and had all 12 colors of the color wheel mixed from turquoise, magenta and lemon yellow.

So I finally did it! I dyed the full color wheel. I had 5 skeins for each of the 12 colors. So what I decided to do was do the full strength color for a dark value, a half strength color for mid range value and a very watered down color for a pale value. Then for the other two skeins I added black to one to make a shade and I made a neutral color for the last skein by adding that colors complement. You find the complement of a color by looking on the opposite side of the color wheel. It took me all day to dye these threads and a few pieces of fabric but I’m pleased with the outcome. If I mix colors again, I think I need to add more blue to the blue-violet and more blue to the blue-green. The blue is the slowest of the dyes to set and attach to the fiber. Therefore, it seems you need a bit more than you think because the other dyes mixed in will attach to the fiber before the blue even starts.

Here’s a close up of some of the threads. Aren’t they delicious? Now the only problem is that I am so enamored with all the colors that I’m hesitant to use any of the threads because then I won’t have my full color wheel. I’m sure I’ll use them but for now I just like to admire them 🙂

19 thoughts on “Dyeing a Color Wheel

  1. Good day’s work!
    If they were mine I would spend a long time just looking at them and I think I would be miserly with their use.

    1. Ruth sent me some she dyed not so long ago and I haven’t wanted to use them because they are so nice 🙂

    1. Aaw, I’m afraid I’d save those too 🙂 When I get better at stitching I’ll use them for something nice.

  2. Really enjoyed,I to would have trouble using them,would have them hanging up where I could see them! I crochet and was looking at colour wheels,thinking out a blanket of many colours…

  3. Hello Ruth, I LOVE the yarn color wheel. I found it while searching google images for a color wheel. I added your pic to my blog http://www.knit1purl2chat.com, and added a link to your site. Just in case anyone would like to see how you created this beautiful project.

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