Felt Scrap Christmas Tree Ornaments

Felt Scrap Christmas Tree Ornaments

These ornaments are made with the same technique that I used for the Felt Scrap Bowl Tutorial . This was much quicker though because these are only about 3″ x 6″. I had the scraps left over from a prior project and I didn’t change the shape of the scraps at all. I just placed them so they looked like branches. I did cut the trunk pieces out of left over brown felt.

I then sandwiched the scraps in two pieces of water-soluble stabilizer and free motion stitched with dark green thread.

Here’s one of the trees after the stabilizer was dissolved.

I was just going to glue the sequins on the trees as it would be faster. I tried one but the sequins were already falling off and I really didn’t like how it looked.

So I ended up sewing on the sequins with a bead to hold it in place.

I finished two trees. I did add a loop of ribbon to the top so they can be hung.  It was fairly quick for one of my “last-minute Christmas projects”. I always vow I won’t make anything this Christmas but I never seem to keep that promise.

Happy Holidays to everyone and thanks for stopping by!

11 thoughts on “Felt Scrap Christmas Tree Ornaments

  1. I was wondering what type of stabilizer you used, love the idea and something I can try this year.
    I really need to use my machine more and figure out all the features. I do have some water soluble, but was wondering if there was one that was best to use.

    Christmas wishes to you and your family.


  2. Thanks everyone! I think the brand of stabilizer is Solvy but most any kind will work. You just need to use a heavier one for thicker things like felt.

  3. Excellent tutorial! It’s a nice way to try new techniques on a small piece. I have some solvy & am looking forward to giving this a try!

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