Wet Felted Hat Class

Wet Felted Hat Class

Wet Felted Hat Class

I taught a small hat class this last week-end. I had 3 great students all doing different style hats. Donna was making her first hat and wanted a winter hat with a folded up brim.

Dona laying out

Linda also a first time hat maker wanted an oversized pill-box hat in 2 pieces.

Linda Laying out

Jan who is on her 5th class and wanted a large turned up brim and a long tail to add curls and yarn embellishments to.

Jan Laying out

With patient rubbing

Jan rubbing with a little to much soap

And Rolling

Dona Rolling

Then fulling and shaping (sorry no picture)

Everyone ended up with the hat they wanted.

Jan's hat
Donna's hat
Linda's Hat

Linda will need to sew the top piece into her hat when it’s dry and Jan will add her embellishments to the tail. I will post a picture when she has it finished.

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