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Twist Fibre Festival

Twist Fibre Festival

Last time I showed you my booth with my 2 friends. This time I will show you some of the other things that were at Twist.  Some of the things you may not see at most fiber festivals.

The national judging for the Canadian Cashmere Producers Association was at the Twist Festival this year. The fleeces were beautiful.

cashmire winners

cashmire winners 2 cashmire winners 3

This is Sayward Johston, she weaves and knits in wire.

sayward twist 2 sayward twist

These are some baskets by Janet Whittam. She is a great textile weaver too.

Janet Whitem baskets

This is an interactive booth. They are doing finger weaving. In this case it is called Ceinture flechee.  A sash used by the Quebec Voyageurs in the 19th century to tie jackets around their waist to prevent the cold from creeping in. ceinture flechee


center fleshe 2 center fleshe 3 center fleshe

There was and art project going on outside the event. They were making an installation of sheep decorated with bailer twine. People were helping add the bailer twine.

sheep art project

And just in case your feet were giving out before your shopping was done, there was a place to get them massaged so you could continue on.

foot massage

It was a fun and busy show. I didn’t have a lot of time to look around but there was a lot of fiber in all forms and tools for everyone from beginner to expert.

Twist Fibre Festival

Twist Fibre Festival

This last week end was the Twist Fibre Festival in Saint-André-Avellin, Quebec. Two friends of mine and I shared two booths. I am going to show you our booth in this post and the rest of the show in the next one. This is our whole booth

whole booth

Judy is mostly at the left  and has the wooden stand full of fiber bags. She has lots of hand processed breeds of wool and hand made small batts and rolags in great colours. I was in the middle and had the silver stand and Elizabeth is on the right with hand dyed roving and weaving kits.

We also had two friends helping us. I do not speak French , Elizabeth speaks a little and Judy speaks a little more. We had Andrea ( on the right) to be our French speaker. She was an enormous help and was so good with customers.  Here she is with me having fun trying on the Viking hat.


and our other helper, Jan, who is a great sales person. Elizabeth is in the back chatting with a customer. She is the one with the whited pass around her neck.

jan and e and andrea

Now for some more detailed pictures. This is me with the batts and tea cozies and some knitting and plying bowls that my friend Mike makes.  On the stand I had the project bags and nuno felt kits and drop spindle kits and hats.

mi in the middle elizabeds end and my wrack

This is Judy’s table and a close up of her hand turned drop spindles and Lego drop spindles.

Judies end 3 judys spindles close

Down at Elizabeth’s end she has drop spindle kits and hand died roving designed to spin colour changing yarn. She also has an amazing ridged heddle book (on dvd) she wrote and kit put together.

judys end 2

She brought her loom and was working on the kit samples to show people how it works. The multi coloured one is one of the sample pieces finished. You get 2  that size and another small bonus sample pattern.

Elizabeths weaving

So that was our set up. What you can’t see was how hot the room was once it was full of people. We just about melted. I should have shrunk a couple of sizes but some how I didn’t. 🙂



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